My dad's headstone

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  • asilentone

    I like your second idea. She will finally get the point.

  • loosie

    I have never heard of a footstone. I will look into that Snoozy, thanks.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Take a permanent marker and ......

    Ok maybe not. What are the odds she will be back to visit this grave?

  • moshe

    You can hire someone to come out and add the words to the headstone- they make a rubber template and use a sandblasting machine to carve the letters. Quite often when one spouse dies the stone is placed with both spouses names, then when the other spouse dies, they come out and carve the date of death in where it was left blank. This is a standard procedure. I am pretty sure you can find someone to do that- call around to companies who sell headstones- it will likely cost less than $200. Obviously your Dad's family would back you up on this. Find out what is required and if your step mom's signature is required, just present the paprer to her in a nice way for her to sign so the clerical error can be fixed. Let her save face over her poor judgement. If you ask in a nice way- with a friendly relative on your side present, I doubt that she would refuse to sign the paper authorizing the additional words for the grave marker. Good Luck. Maybe they will just come out and do it on your say so.

    added, they can also sandblast the word 'husband' off the stone, and replace it with, father. -

  • loosie
    they can also sandblast the word 'husband' off the stone, and replace it with, father

    LOL I like the way you think. I will check into that.

    Wuz, after she moves to CA I doubt she will ever come back to KS. She hates it here. I only moved here to be close to dad.

  • moshe

    Loosie, a friend told me once, "Moshe, I am glad you are my friend and not my enemy!"

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