JW invisibility = shame?

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  • joeblow

    I see the same in the city I live in. They've never been around at my door... ever, in all the years I've lived here... and I've never seen them in the neighborhood. I do see them in the city center once in a while doing the holding up the magazines thing.

    One day I had some time on my hands. I was wandering around in the city center doing some shopping, when I spotted a couple of older JWs doing "street corner". They were just standing there in a busy pedestrian area, holding up the Watchtower and Awake... in several languages. I sat down nearby and just watched to see if they did anything other than stand there. Nothing. They stood there are were completely ignored by everyone passing by. No one stopped to talk to them. They made zero attempts to talk to anyone. They stood there idly chatting with each other, putting in their time, and doing their duty.

  • wannabefree

    Snoozy: People such as yourself who are in a secured building if they are sighing and groaning and seeking truth will find it. If you do a google search for "I want a home bible study", watchtower dot org should come up right near the top on the first page, the holy spirit will lead you to that site, nothing will stop the good news from reaching those with the right heart condition.

  • LongHairGal


    I don't see them much either. I think the economy is the reason. The 'large army of women' has gotten smaller because some of those housewives had to go out and get a job to help support the home.


    You make me laugh because years ago I was one of those people who sometimes did 'street work' to flesh out my few hours. It was true that we chatted with each other and put in our time and did our duty. The only mags I ever placed were with people who had been reached at their home and wanted the latest or if the cover had an interesting picture or article

    It was really hard to try to talk to people because they were in motion and headed somewhere. You could smile and try to catch someone's eye. Maybe some brother (with legs like a dancer) could try a fast sidewalk routine of walking a few steps next to somebody but this didn't really work except maybe with a man and I think it made people uncomfortable. I didn't like street work because occasionally an unwholesome type would come up to you. I didn't want somebody like that talking in my face. I even went so far as to buy big glasses with clear lenses to shield my eyes. What memories.

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