The no beard or facial hair rule

by Soldier77 47 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • laverite

    Gutted - you gotta do it!

  • gutted

    Don't listen to laverite, mustaches are awesome.

    See: Tom Selleck.

  • wannabefree
  • Soldier77
    Soldier we should do a goatee pact. I think I'll grown one after my district convention with my family in July. After that I don't plan on going to meetings or service much.

    This plan I like.

    Soldier77 - moustaches are awful IMHO but goatees are somehow more balanced and there isn't that "I'm underlining my nose because my nose is so effn awesome and I really want you to notice it" effect.
    Go for it. You have my vote!

    ROFL! Yeah... goatee's just have something cool about it... I guess being a witness for so long it's one of those rebel things I just HAVE to do just to be spiteful.

    I think it's on gutted, let's do eeet!

  • Soldier77

    I just saw wannabefree's post.... hahahahaha I'll bite and admit that I know this man.... not personally mind you...

  • gutted

    Wannabefree, you could easily post a picture of someone gross who is clean shaven to make an argueement for staches. Rutherford, anyone?

    Soldier I'm down. Just give me a few weeks to settle my "congregation affairs"... he he.

  • Cadellin

    As far as moustaches, we would do well to consider the following question: Does anyone really have a nose worth underlining? The answer is clearly "No!"

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! Welcome, Laverite!!!!!!

  • wannabefree

    gutted ... this is an argument FOR staches? ... my bad

  • designs

    My stache grew into a full beard..................I was channeling Jerry Garcia

  • Mythbuster

    One could always be ready...for when the new light blinks off and on about this.

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