The no beard or facial hair rule

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  • Soldier77

    neverendingjourney - thanks for that insight. I haven't reached that part of CofC yet (truth be told I put it done a couple weeks ago and got caught up in a side project).

    Oh and another thing that chaps my ass: brothers wearing suits and sisters can't wear dress slacks. Hey man, I want to wear khakis and a polo shirt if I want damn it! Especially in 90+ degree weather! Hell, going to DC's mid summer in Phoenix was HORRID! I always envied the sisters, they at least could wear less clothes than us bros. I think they should allow sisters to wear business suits w/ pants. Anyone watch Fringe? Olivia Dunham in a pant suit is pretty hot.

    Oh hell, what do I care, I won't be going at all in a short while.

  • ziddina

    What "Girlie" said...: "There is no scripture or any watchtower/awake article I have ever read to support this rule. From what I was told, it depends on the social norms of the land you live in..."

    In fact, if you happen to catch the movie "Worlds Apart" [and I would strongly recommend that you do! It's the story of a Danish (one of the Norse lands..) Jehovah's Witness girl who's disfellowshipped, and what she goes thru with her family and the (B)org...], you'll notice that the "Coordinator of the Board of Elders" has a full facial beard...

    I read somewhere that beards are O-K for JWs in the Norse areas - Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark...

    Maybe it has to do with the cold weather... Are JWs allowed to have beards in Minnesota?? Canada???


  • techdotcom

    The only priciple that really applies is showing humility and meekly following the direction of the elders and the higher ups in the societies power structure. You cannot outright refuse an order from an elder or higher without a sound scriptural reason agianst it. There is no burden whatsoever for them to show a sound reason for it. The simple justification that someone could be "stumbled" is more than enough. Failing to humbly follow their direction is grounds to punish. That punishment may be the removal of privledges and could, if the person showed a rebellious nature, include disfellowshipment.

    This type of petty control and lack of balance is one of the fundamental issues I have with being a witness. To most who are active, this is dismissed as being a little thing and should not be harped upon or used to cast doubt on the "Truth" in general. They simpley have been too well trained from using sound judgement and will tend to follow without question (openly anyway) any rule, or suggestion without a regard to it being scriptural, ethical, or moral. After all it is not for "man to judge his own footsteps".

    To me, however, all people have both the right and responsibility to judge the correctness of thier actions. While a person may choose to do something to "fit in" and this facial hair rule might apply, there are too many of these petty restrictions and controls without sound scriptural basis for me to simply ignore. These rules by themselves would not be such a deal breaker for me if it were simply social deterents (frowns, disaproval, ect.), irratating and judgemental, yes, but unethical, no. To enforce these petty behaviours with the possibility of the most extreme punishment that witnesses have, disfellowshipment and death at the big A, makes this both unethical and tyrannical. Granted, usually all that happens is removal of some 'privledges' but ANY outwardly noticable rebellious attitude could result in a Judical Commitee at some point.

    In fact if I were to speculate, I would think that this type of seemingly little and petty rule helps weed out those who have an independent spirit thru the simple aggrivation of how utterly rediculous it is.

    Sorry for the spelling/grammatical errors to the grammer nazis. In a rush and didn't want to cut and paste from MS Word.

  • laverite

    As far as moustaches, we would do well to consider the following question: Does anyone really have a nose worth underlining? The answer is clearly "No!"

  • Soldier77

    lol laverite

    I honestly hate moustaches and never have had one, but I hate shaving and want a goatee! I think I should just do it, walk in the KH and everyones jaw will just drop.

  • wannabefree

    I know of a brother from Georgia who gave talks at conventions, he had a soul patch. I was told by a CO that brothers who are elders in the northern territories of Canada and Alaska and have full beards.

  • sir82

    This is very much a US thing.

    In Europe, bears are not viewed as inherently evil.

    As a general rule of thumb, the farther north in Europe you go, the more beards are considered acceptable.

    In Spain & Italy, e.g., beards are still pretty much a no-no if you want to be an elder, though no one "counsels" Joe (or Jose) Publisher if he has one.

    In Scandanavia, it's 100% a matter of taste. There are lots of elders with beards.

  • PSacramento

    Does the WT have a policy on, well....beards and moustache south of the equator ?

  • gutted

    Here in "southern" Canada, beards are frowned upon, and no serving men have them, not sure about the northern territories. I had this same issue and posted this topic a month or two ago. I grew a mustache, I know it's kind of funny, it's something I wanted to do but honestly I would rather grow a goatee.

    Soldier we should do a goatee pact. I think I'll grown one after my district convention with my family in July. After that I don't plan on going to meetings or service much.

  • laverite

    Soldier77 - moustaches are awful IMHO but goatees are somehow more balanced and there isn't that "I'm underlining my nose because my nose is so effn awesome and I really want you to notice it" effect.

    Go for it. You have my vote!

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