"Armageddon is Weeks Away" Phrase...Is WT pushing this phrase more recently?

by mentallyfree31 27 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • yknot



    I suppose we will see a BOE LTR in a week or two expaining noo-that the whole 'GT' is just symbolic......

    What is next ..... are we gonna pull a full RCC and claim the Millennial Reign has started......"""Jesus meant 'spiritual paradise' segway""""

    The dumbing down process continues.......

    Carry on as usual.........

  • highdose

    they were saying the same thing after 9/11 too.

    Look they have pushed armargeddon off indefinatly doctrine wise, they have to do somthing to pep up the rank and file other wise they would be leaving in droves.

    I guess the question in responce is " and dos Bethal/ CO / Elders have any insider knowledge? Has god spoken to them personaly? ... No!"

  • teel

    R&F loves to speculate too, it's not the GB's prerogative. They do this every time there's some major event happening. Right now we're still in recession, so it's the best time to amp up the scare. When (or if?) we get out of it they'll just go back to the regular "imminent".

  • CrimsonAshes

    Is this true?!

  • streets76

    Armageddon: Coming to a lifetime near you.

  • mentallyfree31

    crisis of conscience - LOL good one! Hilarious...


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Scare tactic to amp up faith & activity and put away doubt.

    Losing members in droves, generation change new light, and several world events to take advantage of.

    Think About It

  • respectful_observer

    I would actually disagree. Of course that doesn’t mean that someone, somewhere didn’t say it, but I heard Sam Herd speak very recently and he spent a good portion of his talk on how we simply don’t know when the end might come, and that there’s nothing we humans can do—no special tract, no huge increase in JWs, no preaching in currently banned countries—that will make it come any faster. I was really suprised to hear a member of the GB come out and say that, because that's the exact opposite of what so many R&F seem to have been feeling and saying the last few years. If that’s the current message from the GB, then between that and all the recent changes, I would argue that there’s a shift at the top from trying to always guess when it’s going to happen, to “we just don’t know, but here are the standards we need to live by in the meantime.”

  • blondie

    I remember back in the pre-1975 days, I mentioned to a jw that we did not know the day and the hour (per Matthew)......when she chimed in, "but we know the year."

    I wonder if the first century Christians were constantly trying to set a year for Jesus statement about Jerusalem?

    I used to wonder if they had been tricked by not being told it wouldn't really come for 2,000 years, to make them more watchful; and conversely so are jws today, being tricked?

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    My father used to get the same kind of responses as Blondie. In fact, my father was considered sort of troublemaker for not going along with the 1975 hysteria.

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