Ted Jaracz on Child Protection Policy

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  • somebody


    You posted this BEFORE we were informed that Ted had passed on. So don't feel bad at all.

    And that does not change one bit his answer. For that was his answer WHEN HE WAS WELL ENOUGH TO SPEAK AT WT CONVENTIONS AND ACCEPT AT LEAST 5 MINUTE OVATIONS from the followers of the WT at the WT conventions.

    Whether he changed his mind about the privacy laws in Britain and how those laws had anything to do with the list of pedophiles WORLDWIDE the WTS INC. OF NY,USA kept private from even authorities WORLDWIDE, we'll never know.

  • voodoo lady
    voodoo lady

    His tie looks like it has skulls on it... symbolic of the victims of this policy, perhaps

  • little witch
    little witch

    Better to hang a stone around your neck and throw yourself into the sea , as to hurt a child.

  • iknowall558

    I dont feel bad about posting this at all....

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