Ted Jaracz on Child Protection Policy

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Not all Dubs are evil but this guy IS.

  • VoidEater

    Oh, our hands are tied, Jesus didn't tell us to tell the police when crimes are committed in our church!

  • thetrueone

    His comment reflects much of how much he really cares about the protection of children from harm.

    " All that the bible says ( the social morals of the ancient Israelites ) is to shun the evil doer, thats it in a nut shell.

    Sexual abuse of children is in comparison to an act of fornication, adultery, idolatry. its just a simple sin that only requires repentance

    This observance does nothing to the long term psychological scars of the victims, the children themselves.

    What these dim witted assholes don't realize is that pedophiles will often re-offend if all they receive is a disfellowship reprimand.

    It may not be within the congregation members, it could be in the open public such as the neighborhood where this person is living.

    This brings forth the total apathy by the WTS in this regard to endangerment of the public itself.

    Its like all they are concerned about is simply washing their hands within their organization and keeping their public image

    secure. Lets face it if the media was to get a hold of a card carrying JW who was exposed to the police as being a pedophile,

    it would injure and discredit the organization in the worst of ways . Bringing reproach on to god's earthly organization is

    therefore egregiously avoided. Thats what it all about in reality its all about a organization trying to retain a certain public image,

    at the cost of chidren health and well being.

  • flipper

    IKNOWALL- Thanks for posting this . I have seen this before and it is disgusting how conceited this man is. I have this same interview on a u-tube with my favorites on a WT video. I'll have to make a thread with it. Thanks for reminding us how unjust and nauseating this organization is in it's view on Child Abuse. They will pay in time

  • yesidid

    Cant help but think that Jaracz and Rat singer are from the same mold.

  • Gayle

    Obviously, he was very heartless, unsympathetic and unconcerned,,"stiffnecked" and arrogant!

  • iknowall558

    I put this up earlier not realising the guy had died this morning. I have only just found out. I put this up because I was struck by his coldness and lack of genuine concern. It was all business as usual....... He was just up seconds before quoting from the Bible, speaking about God and Jesus...no doubt condemning the world and all that is in it for how bad, immoral and ugly it is, all the while soaking up the admiration and respect of his audience because he is of the 'elite', the Governing Body, and is used by the Holy Spirit to guide them. I wonder how those in the JW audience, who have been abused would have responded if they had heard his answer to the reporter. He was a cold fish! It made me mad watching this today.......hes just a man in a suit....nothing more!

  • somebody

    "You're from Britain. You have a privacy law.", was his answer, as a GB member of the WTS INC. ,to the question:

    "How do you justify the list of pedophiles the Watchtower has and never informs authorites"?

    Well folks, there you have it.

    Thank you for posting that video. I remember that when he answered it!



  • JimmyPage

    iknowall was led by holy spirit to put this up!

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