Can Jehovah's Witnesses accept blood transfusions in emergencies? WikiAnswers

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  • jwfacts

    Great answer. One thing a JW will say is that the quote about the Slave is too old to be relevant as it is from the 1950's. Maybe use one of these more recent ones. The 2009 quote is quite brilliantly ludicrous.

      "[A mature christian] does not advocate or insist on personal opinions or harbor private ideas when it comes to Bible understanding. Rather, he has complete confidence in the truth as it is revealed by Jehovah God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and "the faithful and discreet slave."Watchtower 2001 Aug 1 p.14

      "Since Jehovah God and Jesus Christ completely trust the faithful and discreet slave, should we not do the same?" Watchtower 2009 Feb 15 p.27
  • exwhyzee

    Fractions of scriptures are used to make taking blood an issues so.......

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