If I'm so intelligent how did I get drawn in to it all?

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  • PSacramento
    PSacramento - For the record...No I didnt know anything about those groups you mention except some cynicism that they were probably profiteers when I was older...but as a child I grew up in a small Welsh village here in fifties Britain. I came from a broken family which was unheard of in those days in that area, and as children we were treated abominably by the villagers and some family on the basis of their 'godliness' in their narrow minded and bigoted village churches and chapels. I suffered this for many years and despite my sincere belief in God, which stays with me still, I was only too happy to agree with the JWs about the hypocrisy and lack in Christendom's congregations. Perhaps that helps you to understand my biased viewpoint.

    Thanks you so much for clearing that up, sometimes I forget that we are the sum of OUR experiences, not the experinces of others.

    I apologise if my tone was callous.

  • freydo

    Intelligent people are often most susceptible to emotional manipulation, as they tend to try to ignore that side of the brain. There are many very smart jw's who give in to the corruption like attorneys and police because compromise is demanded. They make meetings, field service and personal Bible Sudy (none of which is Scriptural) requirements or else you cannot join the group that challenges your intellect. So you ignore those nagging little suspicions and go all in. And it's not all bad. The problem is getting out. i remember a young man who refused to be baptized. But he came to every meeting and went out in field service. The eldertrons couldn't touch him. He obviously understood what was at stake.

  • Lozhasleft

    PSacramento -Thank you for that...no worries at all.

    Loz x

  • snowbird
    In the past couple of years I've had business dealings with 'Fundamentalist/Evangelicals' who cost me several hundred thousand dollars, they are vile and dishonest beyond belief, my private rant issue made public, sorry.

    Designs, your inability to tell the difference between day and night is astounding. You are badly in need of eyesalve.

    Done, also.



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