How old were you when you got baptized...was it your own decision?

by Desilusionnee 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • sd-7
    I think on some level, part of me always knew I was destined to bolt once I turned 18.

    Thank you for your fine comments! Is this not a fine example we want our children to imitate when they come of age? [Applause before he finishes talking]

  • brizzzy

    @sd-7 LOL. Ironically, I also had a part in the Circuit Assembly the previous year. I'm pretty sure the guy at the microphone said exactly that.

  • solana70

    18-I had always been a Jw and now I was just making it official. At 23, it just wasn't worth it anymore to spend the rest of my life without the thing I wanted most...a mate. I thought I would maybe find one and then get reinstated. Instead, I learned what was wrong with the organization and what I had been missing out on learning and haven't looked back.

  • zoiks

    I was 12. I thought it was my own decision, but there was a lot of pressure from friends, the elders, and to a lesser degree, my family. I was an elder's son, I had given my first talk at 5 (I stood at the "sisters' table"), and was supposed to be one of those uber bigshots when I got older.

    "The sky's the limit, kid! So let's just get that pesky baptism thing outta the way..." kind of stuff.

  • crapola

    14 and I did it because it was expected.

  • mentallyfree31

    A sister in my old hall was baptized at 9. And I have a good JW friend that was baptized at 8.

    Both are so deep into this cult, I don't think there would ever be hope of getting them out.



  • beksbks

    12, my decision. I wanted to go to Gilead

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