JW from London calls TV show.

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  • iknowall558
  • iknowall558
  • slimboyfat

    One group of religious fundamentalists disagrees with another group of religious fundamentalists on the interpretation of corrupt sacred texts...

  • InquiryMan

    Too bad the JW caller came across a scholar who had a JW Background.... He he

  • hotspur

    Nice that Ray Franz got a mention.

    I'll shall have to have a look at that site - what was it? www.aomin.com ?

  • boyzone

    The caller sounded like a typical ignorant dub spouting basic doctrine. That maybe enough for the average unreligious householder but not for someone who really knows what they're talking about. Poor Peter met his match, I bet he wished he never called.

  • wobble

    www.aomin.org seems you have to buy the debates on CD or MP3 etc.

    pity, I would have liked to have listened to Greg Stafford try to defend the WT point of view.

    if any of you can work out how to access that debate for free, please let me know, thanks.


  • mrsjones5

    That was great, thanks for posting that.

  • teel

    Poor Peter, there was no debate here, I almost feel sorry for him. He had the idea in his head that he knows the Bible better than most people, but the thing is JWs rarely know the Bible, and they can't defend their belief on their own, at best only if they look up what the WT says on it. There are some who can argue constructively, but alas Peter was not one of them, and that call was a negative witness.

    He should subtract this 5 minutes from his report, multiplied by the average number of viewers of that show

  • Georgiegirl

    (winces) Wow. That was really sad and painful. Poor thing. And telling the guy he doesn't know Greek??? Classic.

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