As a JW, Did You Skip Houses You Knew Were Not Interested?

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  • WTWizard

    There was zero tolerance for skipping houses, except if it was blatantly obvious that no one was living there, in my territory. As for knocking, the slime that dragged me into the cancer insisted on a VERY hard bang on the beam near the door, not just a regular knock (someone sleeping upstairs might not hear it) or a doorbell ring (too many of those things were busted). I used to knock on the metal plate on the screen door (made noise), but they insisted that it couldn't be heard if a person is in the shower or sleeping upstairs.

    However, if a person was not interested, I would dog trying to get them interested. "Not interested" was enough--most people are not going to change their religion just because of a couple of witlesses insisting that, by the time the mainstream media got to it, it would be too late.

  • mentallyfree31

    When a person came to the door and objected - I was out of there. I NEVER tried to overcome conversation stoppers in my 25 years.


  • gubberningbody

    I remember a young bro and I (as his bookstudyt overseer) went to a door and I said, "let's not knock and just see if the angels will do their job. I mean they ARE supposed to be involved in the preaching work, right? Well I, for one feel it's about time they stared pulling their load."

    That got him going.

    I remember him saying to me that he liked me because I never tried to "do my elder routine" with him.

    He's managing some rap musicians and doing OK as far as I know.

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