As a JW, Did You Skip Houses You Knew Were Not Interested?

by mentallyfree31 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Gregor

    Yep. I had a sixth sense about houses that probably wouldn't love 'hovah.

  • read good books
    read good books

    No I was under their mind control, counting time, I wanted to call on any door where someone would talk to me interested or not, if they didn't answer I would stand their a long time streching the time, gotta get those pioneering hours in. That was sressful trying to make those one hundred hours every month, and meet your literature quotas. What a waste of time.

  • finallysomepride

    i would miss houses with big dogs

  • teel

    At the beginning no, I diligently knocked on all doors. Later on when I saw no point in bothering people with something they don't want to hear, I just sort of leeched off my wife, going with her to return visits. She was cool with that, because she needed a man for some RVs.

  • leavingwt

    Towards the end, I only did street work, selecting friendly-looking targets for magazine offers. House-to-house in this modern era is a real drag.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    I perfected the art of the phantom doorbell ring. But then sometimes I was paired with a prick who'd say, "I didn't hear anything. Maybe you should knock." I'm thinking to myself, "When I want your opinion, I'LL FREAKING ASK FOR IT!!!!"

    Then, of course, I'd knock.

    Crap, I hated JWs like that!

  • Soldier77

    I always hated field circus. Being born-in I played the "shy" card as a kid, as a teenager I would make arrangements with my other friends and we would make a call (usually a classmate) which meant playing super mario bro's for 2 hours, then go to the arcade or movies. Come back to the group and say we had a very productive day! I even pioneered for over a year and continued the same rigamaroe... in fact it was easier.

  • blondie

    I never skipped houses, not that I was so holy. We had several territories with wealthier people but I never saw that they were any less interested than poorer people. I did find it hard in the old days going into small towns that were almost exclusively Catholic and not likely to even answer the door. One Hutterite group was like that and the Amish.

  • wobble

    I skipped houses sometimes, depended on my mood, but I never feared any, I was always the one who got volunteered to call on the local Vicar or Priest, I also at the tender age of sixteen walked down the long drive of a HUGE mansion and called on Lord Cornwallis, a peer of the realm.

    He was as pleasant and polite as anybody I have met, and directed me to a lady who was staying with his family as she was interested in all religions.

    Most people are not interested, so skipping houses was for other reasons, mostly not logical, apart from knowing we would stop at the end of the road, perhaps, so writing one down as N.H speeded the end of torture time.

  • mentallyfree31

    I never rang doorbells. I would always knock. There was a better chance they might not hear the knock, as it wasn't ringing loudly throughout the house. I usually didn't do too much deliberate "light knocking", I just chose knocking over doorbells.

    I would have people sometimes say "there's s doorbell, you can just ring it". I wanted to tell them that when it's their door, they can do whatever they like, but don't worry about my doors". LOL


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