I need digital camera suggestions. Thank you!

by asilentone 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Soldier77

    If you want a point and shoot, I would check out Olympus, Nikon Coolpix and Sony have some really good ones. My point and shoot is an Olympus (forget what model #) and it is water proof to 10' and is also shock proof. Great for snorkeling and dropping (lol). 10 megapixel too! I paid around $300.

  • upnorth

    The pictures I have posted were all taken with $100 or less cameras.

    I'd be more concerned with getting the battery type you will like the most.

    The Nikon L22 coolpix I have now uses 2 AA battery's. I use recharge ables.

    Almost all cameras use USB as a hard connection, I rarely use a USB connection I just pop the SD card into the reader to load the photos to the compooter. If you don't have a card reader get a USB SD card reader adapter.

    Stay away from HC SD if your compooter is fairly old, it wont be able to read the card. If that occurs you will have to use a USB connection to off load your pictures

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