Did/Do you witness to Prostitutes while doing Street Work?

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  • man in black
    man in black

    When I visited bethel back in the early 80's one evening we were walking to the meeting during a rainstorm.

    There was a lady standing under the awning of a neighboring building, and she was all wet.

    i went up and asked her if she needed some help, and as she started talking one of the bethel guys grabbed me and pulled me away.

    When we got into the hall, I asked him what the heck his problem was. He said that the lady is a prostitute and is always trying to talk to the

    brothers coming to the meetings.

  • MrFreeze

    I never (knowingly) ran into a prostitute but I did preach to bums on the street. I had one guy who would follow us around wanting to talk. We'd eventually have to get away from him because we weren't getting anywhere with him and frankly, he was just pestering us from talking to other people. The dude was obviously insane.

  • behemot

    I preached once to one Nigerian girl. She was a prostitute. After a few visits I realized she was suspiciously knowledgeable of JWs stuff. I inquired (was an elder at the time) and she eventually revealed she was a witness. She had left the family (all long-time JWs) in her native village and went to a big city looking for a job. There she meet someone who promises her a good job in Europe. She is naive and believes the man. So she is taken to Europe (Holland at first) and there the nightmare begins: her documents are withdrawn, she is repeatedly raped and forced into prostitution. To "free" herself she has to pay the criminal organization some 100.000 $. The organization takes her often from one place to a new one so she can't get familiar with places and people and seek help. (They usually threaten the girls that if they try to run away their family back home will be killed).

    At the time when I met her (a few years after her arrival in Europe), she had met an older man (a "customer") who had "lend" her the money to pay off the remainder of her "debt" to the organization, in exchange for being her exclusive lover. In time, she was able to leave the man, find a job and return the loan. She came back to the congregation and is a JWs to this day.

    Her story is not unique: trafficking in women between Nigeria and Europe is a sad reality (see here: http://www.migrationinformation.org/feature/display.cfm?ID=318) and I know of several cases where young JW girls were involved.

  • cyberjesus

    Asilentone: you are looking in the wrong places :-)

  • ThomasCovenant

    I didn't witness to any but I did have sex with a girl who I thought was a prostitute but luckily it was my daughter-in-law. So that's ok then.

    Her name was Tamar

  • StoneWall

    I remember telling a prostitute I was doing street work.

    She said," oh what a coincidence she was working the street too."

    Then there was the one from Canada. She asked me to come in to her place of business.

    I asked what type of business she was in. She said a magical performer.

    I asked what types of tricks did she perform. She said,"Do you have 20 dollars?" I said yeah.

    Then she took me by the hand and said come upstairs and I'll show you how I can make that 20 dollars disappear.

    She was by far the best magician I ever saw. She did tricks I've never seen any others pull off.

    It was by far the best $20 I ever had just "disappear"

  • cyberjesus

    StoneWall: FYI your $20 didnt really disappeared, they just went from your pocket to hers :-)

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I usually pay them in WT literature.

  • Heaven

    After about 15 minutes they asked if we wanted to go to their bedrooms. We left the house embarassed.

    I guess this is what happens when 2 parties get together and try to sell something to each other that neither one wants.

  • Twitch

    "Do I wanna date? No, I already have one. 1914! Wanna talk 'bout Jesus?"

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