District Convention 2010 - Skipped! Felt Great!

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  • mentallyfree31

    I successfully skipped my very first District Convention this weekend, after 25 years in the Borg. I spent the day with my disassociated parents - ate breakfast and lunch with them. Felt great. The food didn't taste like demonic food at all. LOL


  • leavingwt
  • SixofNine

    lol @ LWT

    congrats mentallyfree31, now you're physically free too. Also, you're a gangster.

  • mentallyfree31

    SixofNine - Damn it feels good to be a ganster!


  • marcopolo

    do you have schemes of the discourses on the play

  • miseryloveselders

    Good for you MF. Last year I blew off the convention technically. It was within driving distance of where I live. So I went and handled a privilege in the morning, and then drove back home. I tell you Long John Silvers never tasted so good on a Saturday afternoon. The only thing I regretted was missing the pledge that was rescited. This year the convention is in an area where unfortunately I'll have to check into a hotel, plust my elderly parents need my assistance. On top of that I accepted another privilege. In a way I'm looking forward to it. Dying to hear the talk on "this generation." Plus to be honest, there's some old friends I'm looking forward to spending some minimal time with.

  • StAnn

    MF31, good for you! One day at a time, right?


  • WTWizard

    Like a bad record skipping grooves, I skip these a$$emblies. I also skip putting money into the boxes to help them fix the deficits they create.

  • mentallyfree31

    miseryloveselders - There are two posts on here that have provided audio of "this generation" being explained in the last talk of the convention on Sunday. Here are the links:


    Actually I can only find this one. It's from Tuscan, Arizona.


  • OnTheWayOut

    A toast with clinking glasses to you and yours, I will wager that you will skip again next year.
    If you ever do find yourself at a Kingdom Hall, drop a lottery ticket (used loser) in the contribution box.
    Call your favorite elder (I know, an oxymoron) and wish him a happy Father's Day.

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