my 15 year old neighbor

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  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass
    (she does not know that I am laughing watching her thru the windows in the computer room)

    The possibilities are endless when you take that sentence out of context.

    Blue Grass

  • upnorth

    You are right passing a parking test seems useless when you're trying to get a driving license.

    John Doe hit it on the head, it's a lesson in situational awareness.

  • JeffT

    Just what until you're stuck behind some one who is blocking the traffic lane because it takes her twenty minutes to park her car. Then you'll know why it is a useful skill.

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    My neighbor watched me through the window when I was backing the family station wagon out of the drive way for the first time. He didn't laugh for long.

    The car had a manuel shift. I killed it several times trying to get the hang of it. I guess he figured he should move his car up next to his wife's and take the trash can from the curb. Good thing--once I got the car in motion I hit the clutch, not the brake, kinda lost control my sister screaming "stop, stop". I jumped the curb on his side of the road and flattened a young poplar. Definitely would have nailed his trash can.

    Don't let her practice near your car!

  • ziddina


    I nailed parallel parking within 10 minutes... Picked it up very quickly... Of course, I learned to parallel park in Drivers Ed in school...

    (Mind you, occasionally I 'cut' the wheels too soon, and tap the curb on the first try...)

    Maybe she has spatial perception issues... Or nit-picking, naggy parents...

  • asilentone

    Blue Grass, my windows blinds are open during the day, I close the blinds at night. okay?

  • ramtrucker

    I don't know about other states, nor whether it's a required skill now, but when I took my drivers test back in November of 1959 it was required, here in Washington State.

    My dad was abusive, both physically and mentally so learning to drive with him was a no-no. I bought a '52 Dodge Club Coupe with some of the cash I earned picking fruit that fall, and started driving without a license.

    I figured on getting my license on my 19th birthday, which falls in November. I had to have Dad go along with me, and on the way to the testing office, he told me I'd never get a license.

    I fooled him, I aced the test, including parking parallel parking, which I'd actually not tried until I took the test. My score on the driving part of the test was 96 points, the written test I passed with a 98.

    My wife was with me just recently when I parallel parked our car prior to going into a bank. As I exited the car, she commented, "your parking skills are excellent, but I don't know how you do it." She went on to say, she was taught not to start cutting the wheels until the front wheels were even with the back wheels of the car one is parking behind." I just shook my head.

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