Why did God choose a group of white men in New York to run his earthly organization? Oh, and finally one black man....

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  • Bethelite Elder
    Bethelite Elder

    Lost-In-Translation, thanks for sharing.

  • streets76

    There's a black dude on the GB? Shit, I wanna see his birth certificate!


    Bethelite Elder

    If the premise they started out with is flawed, then the result will be failure.

    Considering, this religion is lead by the spirit?

    This is their claim but what exactly does it mean?

    Now the black man may have spirit, soul, blues and damned fine rhythm, you dig, but it is wasted on the white dudes in Bethel.

  • finallysomepride

    There's a black dude on the GB? Shit, I wanna see his birth certificate!

    He was white but he willed himself to change to be a black man, it is possible you know! just ask bother russell

  • agonus

    Watch Sam Herd on the new DVD. Trust me, he's just as "white" as the others...

  • Bethelite Elder
    Bethelite Elder

    In my many years at Bethel, they had a black guy (good man) named Eddie Duncan. He was of the anointed class and served for about 25 years. In all of that, they never made him a Bethel Elder. He would train the young guys that came in, and pretty soon they would become his overseer. Then right before they reassigned him to the field, they counseled the man and told him to reach out for more responsibility.(Bethel Elder) All the time they knew he was on the chopping block.

    Well the good news is, they have two black guys on the branch committee. They are spiritual giants, in fact, I think Leon Weaver is one of the men that dealt with Ray Franz and signed off on his letters from the society, when he got the ax.

    I am waiting to see if a spanish brother will be added. I think they will eventually have to throw some variety in the mix. The scriptures said, God is not partial.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    C.T. Russell was NOT a Mason. He used Masonic symbolism on his books because it was something he was curious about, but there is no proof that he ever was a Mason.

    He was buried in a normal burial plot, but his followers out up a pyramid nearby to commemorate him.

    Sheesh, I wish people would do their research.

  • Bethelite Elder
    Bethelite Elder

    Thats why they were questions, so someone like you could give insight.

    That was nice of them to let him use the symbol, while just being curious. Also, if they were his followers, why would they do that, for certainly they would have known he was not a member.

  • besty

    bethelite elder - did you ever followup with details on your other thread about the WTS suing someone?

  • mann377

    The reason: Almighty God Jehovaher inspected the planet in 1918 and just wanted white folks because they knew how to run dem dare printin presses.

    When I was at Bethel it was mentioned that the current GB ('75) was the german mafia. Check out most of their last names. As the borg attracts more diverse people you will see less white people in positions of responsibility. There are few if any white people becoming witness vs black or hispanic.

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