Song 89 - Jehovah's Warm Appeal: "Be Wise, My Son"

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  • pirata

    1. Young man and young woman, do give your heart to me.

    My foe who now taunts me will then be made to see.

    Your youth and devotion to me you freely give;

    You show all the world that for me you really live.


    2. Rejoice and take pleasure in giving me your all,

    And though you may stumble, I’ll raise you if you fall.

    No matter who fails you or proves to be untrue,

    Take comfort in knowing I’ll always cherish you.


    Beloved son and precious daughter,

    Be wise and make my heart rejoice.

    That out of your own heart you serve me,

    And furnish praise by your own choice.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Eerie how they don't specify exactly WHO is the supposed speaker of those verses. Many will assume it is Jehovah but I can see the Borg expressing those feelings much more than a loving God or a parent. A loving God or a parent is more concerned that his children are happy than with their "service" to him.

    Another horrible song in a book that's full of them.

  • AnnOMaly

    'Be wise, my son ... ' Prov. 27:11.

    Nice sentiments but ... apart from the fact that JWs always apply this verse to Jehovah (Father) and Satan (Taunter) even though the proverb's scope was far more generalized than that, the bulk of JWs are not Jehovah's 'sons' and have no hope of being until the Final Test and the Taunter has been cast into the Lake of Burning Sulfur as per Revelation 20!

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    I always hated the songs and the way everyone sang the soprano line out of key.

  • Cagefighter

    I got a warm fuzzy feeling... oh wait nope it's just the whiskey coming up my esophagus.... Gotta run and vomit now.

  • jamiebowers
    Take comfort in knowing I'll always cherish you.

    Really? It's too bad the writer didn't add that such is true only under certain conditions.

    Yes, this is just another sickening mind control technique, because jws equate the Watchtower with God.

  • StAnn

    Thank heaven, I've been out so long that I've never heard this pathetic song.

    One thing I must say, I really enjoy going to black churches for the gospel choirs. The hymns are so GOOD. The WTS really sucks at writing songs because they just write rhyming propaganda. No emotion, nothing heartfelt, no real praise or devotion expressed. Sad and pathetic little men.


  • JediMaster

    The chorus of this song in Spanish is actually a lot worse. Though at the same time I can't believe they let this one slip through their fingers.


    Me alegraras querido hijo, Si lo mejor de ti me das

    You will bring me joy beloved son, If you give me your best

    Si me sirves con toda el alma, Prometo amarte sin final

    If you serve me whole-souled, I promise to love you endlessly

    Even though I'm still somewhat a "believer" (though inactive), this is one of the songs that really jsut doesn't sit well with me. So who determines what's "my best" and whether my service is "wholesouled"??? And SOOOOOOOO conditional. As someone who grew up in a very disfuctional family and was never showed any "real" "unconditional" love, singing this only makes me more depressed.

    Jedi Master

  • baltar447

    I am totally put off by the new song book. They haven't left a single song alone! I can tell they've written many of these songs to glorify the GB and promote greater control. I had no problem singing the old songs, even being someone that does have some doubts, but the new song book is "just not right". In my opinion since the book study ended things haven't been the same or felt right.

  • sd-7

    JediMaster--if you have your old song book, I would advise you to closely compare a couple of songs, and see if you find anything unusual:

    'Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty'

    'Hail Jehovah's Firstborn'

    Watch closely, and you'll see some very subtle changes to those songs, songs that were not doctrinally 'outdated'. Ask yourself, why did they change them in that way?

    But yes, this is a conditional relationship. It sounds more like a uh, "Kneel before Zod" kind of approach than that of a loving Father's appeal to his children. Excellent point made that oh wait, we're NOT God's children! So, 'evidently', this song is directed to the anointed. That being said, you'll understand if I choose to be a silent [and absent] observer of this song and not a participant.

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