Any news releases on Ray Franz yet?

by tenyearsafter 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I sent emails to the editors of NY Times, Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal, and to Time magazine. I included links to the original Time magazine article and stressed the importance of Ray to all of us now outside of the Borg.

    After all, they all put up obits for Freddy when he passed 18 years ago.

    I'll let everyone know if I get any responses...

  • crownboy

    IIRC, the writer of the original Time article on Franz was Richard Ostling. He's now retired from the magazine, but I think he still does some work for the AP. In addition he's a frequent commentator and lecturer on american religion.

  • tenyearsafter

    Thanks for the update Juan and crownboy...I hope some of those inquiries make it through and stimulate a story!

    Blondie, I think that Barbara said AP was going to do some type of a release, but I haven't seen it picked up yet.

  • slimboyfat

    It would be nice if there is something, but I am not really expecting it. At least Time magazine covered it at the time.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I think that it is interesting that John Wooden, former coach of the UCLA basketball team, died the same week as Ray.

    Many years ago, when I was working in Hollywood, CA as a telephone installer, I had a chance to meet Mr. Wooden at one of the local TV studios. I was there to repair a phone cable. He was there waiting to go on to a weekly sports show about UCLA basketball. This was in the days when Lew Alcindor was playing center for UCLA (Lewis Alcindor became Kareem Abdul Jabbar).

    Mr. Wooden was softspoken and friendly, never putting on airs like Bobby Knight or Jerry Tarkanian, whom I had also met. We sat there in canvas chairs waiting to be called to our respective jobs. I guess my breath must have been bad after a long day of work and sipping coffee and apparently Wooden noticed it. Instead of saying, "you need to brush or gargle," he simply looked at me and said, "Here, let me offer you some gum." That's all he said. I can't remember whether it was Juicy Fruit or Spearmint. I thanked him and his answer was, "You are very welcome, young man."

    Due to some technical problem, neither one of us could go to our respective studios, so we were forced to continue to wait and make small talk. He asked me how long it took to learn how to be a telephone man. I was flabbergasted by his even asking such a thing - I know it was just his way of being courteous and making small talk. After I spent about 5 minutes telling him my history, I asked him how he became such a good coach.

    "I show up for practice and demand that my players do the same. If they miss a practice, they don't play. I make sure that they know the rules and that they play by those rules. They have to remember that its just a game, but if they are going to play it they must dedicate themselves to it as I have. It's all about practice. Practice until everything is second nature. If you have a good practice, you should have a good game."

    When I watch videos of Ray Franz, he speaks with that same soft, but assertive manner. He is not bombastic or forceful in his manner, but you pay attention and want him to say more than he does. He presents himself as an observer of events, even though he was in the thick of things. He does not demand anything of anyone.

    Even before I ever saw photos or videos of Ray Franz, I imagined him speaking in the same manner as John Wooden. Go to YouTube and see if you can find some videos of John Wooden speaking and sharing his philosophy. I think you will see the similarities.

    God rest both of their souls. They were a credit to our human race.

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