A JW's Concealed Hook to Gain Converts

by maputo95 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • maputo95

    I asked my JW respondent a biblical reference for his quote and he took offence at this request:

    the nations will have to know that I am Jehovah

    I am not disspelling your biblical quotes but merely asking for the references as the one under question is often used by JWs in their propagation. Cherry-picking quotes from the Bible out of context is a tactic of those who want to be regarded as God's Chosen Ones while judging all others.

    This one is from Ezekiel 22:16which is written for the exiled Jews not for us living 3000+ years later!! : The Book of Ezekiel was written for the captives of the tribe of Judah living in exile in Babylon following the Siege of Jerusalem of 597 BC .

  • maputo95

    It seems that my friend must have 100% certainty in spirituality; 100% assurance that his group are the only ones who are God's visible organisation. His idea of spirituality and My 12 Step Idea are 100% different. He believes in the Borg 100% because he was raised to do so and has all the other cultic barriers that prevent him from using his fine brain.

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