Conditional love

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  • PSacramento

    John the baptist, who said that part ( Not John the apostle of the GOJ) was very much a "fire and brimstone" kind of guy, I can see him saying that.

    Now, John Zebedee, the Gospel writer, says over and over that God is love, and merciful and kind, so how do we reconcile this?

    Is God loving only IF we put faith in Jesus and those that don't will be struck by his wrath?

    Or do we see this as John the Baptist preaching in his strong and in-your-face style that he was known for?

    Either way, was John right? will those that don't accept Jesus and put faith in Jesus, suffer God's wrath?

    You will notice then in ALL of the GOJ, wrath only appears HERE and nowehere else, maybe that means soemthing...

    No one is saying that John was not inspired bt God to deliver God message of repentance, but God does NOT control the voice of those delivering the message.

    Just food for thought.

  • PSacramento

    Now, it is possibel that those verse were NOT John the Baptists, but the verses of John the Apostles, some claim that the words after verse 30 are not of John the Baptise but John the Apostle, in that case, we must accpet that John wrote them quite out of character from the rest of the GOJ.

    And we must try to understand what that wrath of God is.

  • IronHill

    I too have felt it from my family, including my is extremely difficult to bear.

  • PSacramento

    The term abide can mean remain abd that would bring us back to the issue of Original sin and God wrath remaining on Us and us not be free of it because of Jesus ( ie: Grace).

    Now, what was God;s wrath that on us? and was it wrath or what we/they preceived as wrath?

    God told them NOT to "be like God" ie: eat the fruit, or they would "die", be broken in our realtion to God.

    They disobeyed and did it to themselves.

    I tell you don't put your hand on the stove it will burn you, you do it and get burnt, since I control the stove, wa sit my wrath that burnt you, or your choice?


    Conditional love...It's all the jws know. My jw family members are all about conditions, too.

    I got far away from them, I mean three provinces away. That helped a lot.


  • serenitynow!

    Well the problem is that they are trapped in a cult. We were trained to love jehovah first before all others. In JWs though jehovah=the org, so the allegiance is to the org first. It's sad, but that's how we were conditioned. I remember when all I wanted was a "brother" for a husband because he would love jehovah even more than he would love me. In my mind, the loving jehovah would mean he would live accord. to the scriptures and thus treat me well, but the reality is that JWs cannot differentiate god from his supposed "earthly organization."

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