What's really gross about Brother Franz death

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    "It's no different when a member of the Governing Body dies and everyones comments are comments of glee..."

    Actually, there are two differences... First of all, Ray didn't die with a pack of life-destroying lies on his lips...

    Secondly, he didn't have a huge army (7 million strong, according to the latest WTBTS' claims...) of people to spread his information... And people who DO spread Ray's information weren't deliberately conned and deluded to FORCE them into carrying his information out to the world...

    There are some other obvious differences, too...

    He didn't break up families who didn't agree with his information... No one died as a result of listening to his information [as opposed to those who die because they follow the "NO BLOOD" edicts of the WTBTS...] No one was molested and then had to deal with the injustice of seeing one's molester/rapist treated as an upstanding member of the congregation, while the victim was treated as though THEY were the criminal...

    There are differences, believe me...

    Zid - whose idiot husband often subscribes to the same "blanket" mentality... Which is tantamount to claiming there were no differences between the Allied forces and the Nazis during WWII...

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    I see you still got that devil in you, girl!


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    Hehe he... Gotta luv that little she-devil grrrrllll...

    Thx, Sylvia and Mad Sweeney!

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