What's really gross about Brother Franz death

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  • 5thGeneration

    What's really gross about Brother Franz death is the fact that JWs are probably celebrating it.

    In all of my correspondence with him he was more loving and Christlike then any Elder I've ever dealt with.

    God bless you Ray.

  • snowbird
  • Finally-Free

    I left the JWs before reading Ray's books, but they helped to clear up a few things for me. He did a great work and will always have my respect.

    I suspect most JWs don't know about Ray, and the few who do know might not be very eager to spread the news. They certainly wouldn't want to arouse any curiosity in their ranks.


  • sir82

    No JW under the age of 40 has ever even heard his name, probably.

    JWs 40+ would not be likely to discuss the life, death, or anything about a "famous apostate". It would raise too many questions, i.e., "how do you know so much about apostates?"

  • onemore

    I believe it’s still too early to know how the JW community as a whole is reacting to R.F death. However, I don’t doubt that certain higher up members of the organization, or active JW that knew the man are mourning his death in secret.

    I also believe that the ones “celebrating” his death are the angels and Jehovah, because -the way I see it-, Franz went to “sleep” in integrity to the truth and loyalty to God not men.

    “Those who have put their trust in God’s Son and his ransom have the full assurance of a resurrection. Because of the absolute certainty of that promise, Jesus speaks of them as though already possessing everlasting life. (John 3:36; 5:24) From God’s standpoint therefore, even though they have died they are all alive, as Jesus said at Luke 20:37, 38.”

    He still lives, and he will continue influencing and helping others through his books and legacy.

    If JWs are commenting about Franz passing, perhaps it could serve to make other JWs aware of this man existence, his experience and writings.

  • onemore
  • VoidEater

    No one I know who is "in" knows his name, knows the history, knows his books (well, a couple have heard of CofC but only that it is Satanic).

    The WTS has, in part, done a great job in covering up the late 70's scandal; their policy on not naming authors or openly acknowledging dissent serves them well.

  • ziddina

    I wouldn't call it "gross", except perhaps in the sense of "gross injustice"...

    I'd call the typical JW reaction - or actually, that probably should be, the typical WTBTS' Gov.Bod member's reaction - to be smug, self-righteous, arrogant, and totally heartless...

    Haven't read that CO's comment, but it's probably typical of the mentality of the Gov.Bod....

    I call the loss of Ray Franz tragic... But he leaves a wonderful legacy...

  • Gayle

    Ray was a soft-spoken humble man. Though he has died, his voice will continue to roar across the world.

  • RR

    It's no different when a member of the Governing Body dies and everyones comments are comments of glee

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