In Remembrance of Raymond Victor Franz

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    My Thoughts On Ray Franz

    Living down here in the backwoods of Alabama, we were privy to very little of what was going on in WT world. Most of us never heard about the shake-up at headquarters during the 80's. I read and dismissed the Time article about Ray Franz; heard and dismissed whispers from one local elder about "certain apostate happenings up there in Gadsden."

    I knew that he was a nephew of Fred Franz; I had once gone up to Tuscaloosa to hear him speak, and I knew that a lot of JW's thought the world of that uncle of his. What I didn't know was the extent to which Fred Franz had promoted 1975 as the end of a system of things, and that he had been instrumental in driving his nephew out of the WT.

    I learned all of that from reading CofC; I also learned about the Malawi/Mexico conundrum, the alternative military service fiasco, and the non-allowable bedroom intimacies debacle.

    I wept at his confession that he regretted not having children, raged at the GB's callousness toward the suffering of JW's in Malawi, recoiled in horror at their duplicity in allowing Mexican JW's to bribe officials concerning military service.

    I applauded his frankness in confessing that it was hard for him to maintain celibacy while living at a missionary home with female JW's. I was also impressed with the fact that he stressed that he and Cynthia always practiced stringent birth control so as not to interrupt their full-time ministry.

    Throughout the book, Ray Franz's love for God, justice, and Christian freedom shines brilliantly. My prayer is that the God he loved so much will remember him for good.


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    That was beautiful!

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    Psychotic Parrot

    Did he died?



    That was nice..


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    Scarred for life

    Beautiful remembrance.

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    Thanks, Scarred.


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    I didn't know Mr. Franz, dear Sylvie (peace to you, my dear!)... nor have I read either of his books. His calling was a bit different than mine; however, the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, sets the members of [Christ's] Body just as HE wishes, through Christ, and so I refrained from posting previously out of respect for Mr. Franz and those those who loved and respected him (I didn't want to draw any attention away - the time was his). Although I never felt compelled to read his books I have never doubted Mr. Franz's good heart and "christlike" intentions. Mr. Franz was, IMHO, a very honorable man and his good work of exposing the WTBTS hypocrisy... to the benefit of a great many... will not go unrewarded as the Most Holy One of Israel is not so unrighteous so as to forget such a man... and such a sacrifice.

    I must admit that I am sometimes a little surprised at the, well, "surprise" expressed by some when relating something revealed in one of his books (not the issue itself, but that they didn't really believe/accept that the WTBTS is fake until they heard it from [one of] the horses' mouths - absolutely NO offense intended). But I totally understand it because I understand the "hold" of the WTBTS... and the "freedom" from it that some have realized as a result of reading Mr. Franz's book(s). In that light, as my Lord is recorded to have said, "He that is not against you... is for you."

    Mr. Franz WAS for those like me because he was for Christ and carried his own particular "torture tree" to demonstrate that. Like Moses, he "esteemed the reproach of the Christ as riches greater than the treasures of [the WTBTS]; for he looked intently toward the payment of the reward. By faith he left [the WTBTS], but not fearing the anger of [the GB and its minions], for he continued steadfast as seeing the One who is invisible." Hebrews 11:26, 27

    Because of this, I would ask those who loved him to NOT let his work... and life... have been in vain. Rather, perhaps such ones will allow themselves to consider WHY Mr. Franz did what he did (i.e., he could not live a lie, but had to walk in the Light) and follow HIS faith by continuing to "look intently at the Chief Agent and Perfecter of our faith, JAHESHUA", as well. As it says of that One:

    "For the joy that was set before him he endured a torture stake, despising shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

    It seems to me that Mr. Franz was not only a "hearer" of this truth about my Lord, but a "doer" in that he OPENLY followed the example and lived it himself to a great extent as well, for the hope of a similar reward, sitting on a throne in Christ's kingdom. May the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, mercifully grant him such reward. Even more, perhaps some who revere him will honor the memory of his life in the flesh by considering even further the benefit of living their OWN lives in line with the following:

    "Indeed, consider closely the one who has endured such contrary talk by sinners against their own interests, that YOU may not get tired and give out in YOUR souls." Hebrews 12:2, 3

    Like Christ, Mr. Franz endured contrary talk, yet he did not get tired and give out in his soul. Rather, he maintained his integrity and loyalty to... and love of... God and Christ... to the end of his life in the flesh. Even at the cost of virtually everything. May those who he helped to see that the WTBTS is NOT the truth... be able to so persevere. May you, too, come to esteem the reproach of the Christ... and the sometimes "torturous" life that may come with it... for now... as riches greater than any treasures that connection to your life in the flesh could possibly provide you. Technically and literally. For truly what profits a man if he gains the entire world... but loses his spirit? Mr. Franz has lost his flesh, which will soon return to the dust. But he held on to his spirit... which will return to God.

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies, and the love and peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord... and his... the Holy One of Israel and Holy Spirit, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... remain upon him... and upon his wife Cynthia... to time indefinite.

    Servant to the Household of God, Israel, those who go with... and the world... and a slave of Christ to time indefinite,

    SA, who asks all to consider the TRUTH that, while a WTBTS GB member can die and few know of it, even within the WTBTS, when a man like Mr. Franz dies... it is international news and sorrow...

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    Thank you so much, dear Shelby.

    Girl, you got some mighty fine words in that there storehouse of yours!

    They just leap off the page and pirouette around the floor.


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