One Idea for a Memorial to Ray Franz

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  • wobble

    I know of one JW who made Alan Rogersons book (can't remember the title, but it incorporated the "Millions now living..." phrase). disappear, he never took it back ,and then left the country,in the early 90's, if the fines for non-returning it were to catch up with him it would bankrupt him.

    We cannot overcome that kind of fanatic, or even the slightly more honourable one who pays for the book, but we can get them on the Library shelves.

    Great idea !

  • ziddina

    Wobble, the local library turned their noses up at it!!! I should get a petition going to place Ray's books on the local library shelves; there's a Kingdom Hall within a mile of that library, and who knows, some JW with serious concerns and questions might have read the book, IF it had been placed in the library's inventory...

    There's only ONE copy of "Crisis of Conscience" available in the WHOLE Denver Metro area - that's ONE BOOK for an area of over a MILLION people!!!


    There's a Community College library attached to the knuckleheaded one that tossed my first donation - they seem to function somewhat independently. I'm going to get at least one more copy and try again...

    But THIS time, NO ONE'S getting their grubby little mitts on that book unless I KNOW that it's going into their catalog!!!

    Grumpy Zid

  • ziddina


    I just spoke to Randy Watters of Free Minds and HE'S got 1 copy left - a copyright 2008, no less!!!

    So I am no longer frothing at the mouth...

    I think I will print out a "Borders" used book listing on "Crisis of Conscience" hardback, which starts around $56 and goes well up into the $$ Hundreds - and take it to the library with me, next time I go...

    Just so those idiots can see what they tossed into the "$1" bin...

    (grump, grump...)


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