2010 DC - not going (yay)

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  • Soldier77

    So without giving too much info away so that someone might id me, I have to travel a long distance to get to any DC. So I'm making plans to take a trip to the states to spend time with family, and my mother asks me about attending the DC. I said, look, I have limited time when I take a trip there and you want me to spend three days sitting on my ass listening to the same ole bullshit? She's like, well, "you know Jehovah wants you to attend". I almost puked my guts out when I heard her say that.

    The dates of my trip, if shifted a week later would allow me to attend a DC that's 5 hours away from their house. (That in itself is bullshit). I called her back and said, sorry I already bought the tickets and I'm not going to the convention this year. Besides, I told her, I already know what the releases are and what the main talks are about. She asks me where did I get my info, I just said I have a little birdie that gave me some info is all.

    That opened a can of worms with her. That led into an hour discussion of the "truth". The good thing that came out of this, by the time I got done with her she admitted that she doesn't follow the society's rules and doesn't believe half the stuff they tell us. I was a bit shocked. I asked her how long she felt this way. She said, for decades! I don't know if I'm more pissed off that she is being affected by this mind control cult or of the fact that I could have got out a long time ago if she would have been honest with me!!!

    I was pretty impressed with myself with telling her directly that the organization is lead by men and not by Jehovah and they are the ones making the laws and rules like the Pharisees. She agreed!

    What the hell!? How f'd up is that?!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    My mom's in a similar boat.

    Only believes some of it is true but still robotically calls it "the truth" and thinks it's "Jehovah's organization."

    That, friends, is the power of cult mind control at work.

    And I'm not going to the DC either!

  • blondie

    So they eat at the smorgasbord the WTS accuses "Christendom" of serving? Pick and choose.

    Clearly, in many respects private religion falls short of satisfying the spiritual needs of people. Really, how could a person reasonably expect to fill such needs by simply selecting beliefs from various traditions, as if picking the most enticing dishes at a buffet table or smorgasbord? It also seems clear that organized religion has failed to fill such needs.


  • Soldier77

    The thing that gets me is that my mom lived in an area of the world that was pretty shady back in the Vietnam generation (lol). She was a victim of satanic ritual abuse.... the abuser? An elder in the KH over on that side of the world. Not to mention the shit she's been through being in the org througout the years. I told her last night, after all that you've been through, how can you believe this is the truth? Can't you see that you are being victimized by the organization and the power hungry elders/co's? It just doesn't phase her, she says that it's the time of the end and that things like these were prophsied to happen to believers...

    Yes, seriously f'd up. Sad thing is, I love my mom dearly and it's killing me inside to see her still being hooked by the bullshit coming out of the few old sinile codgers up in NY.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Ah, missing my first convention completely- 2007. What a great thing.

    Good job with your mother.

  • Heartofaboy

    No one in my immediate family is going this year.............even the ones that believed 100000000% & used lap up the cool aid. I think the ridiculous generation change has made them realise it just ain't worth the effort anymore.

    I haven't attended DC's for over 5 years...............The last DC I went to I just sat there listening to the same ole bilge coming from the platform & wondered what the heck am I doing here. I'm never going to another!

  • WingCommander

    I haven't been to a DC since 1996 at the Vet in Philly. I don't miss baking in the hot sun at all!!

    My last CA was probably 2000, MAYBE 2001. So it's been a decade, and I couldn't care less. I can still recite the standard BS, any nothing really changes, so why waste time?

    Your mom is brainwashed, plain and simple. No doubt about it.

    So she doesn't believe have the shit, but still expects YOU to go and lap it all up???? Haha!! Hypocrite!!

    - Wing Commander

  • Soldier77

    Oh the hypocrisy runs deep that's for sure. That will be the next barrier for me to break down with my mother. I have to make her see just how ridiculous she sounds when she backs up the organization.

    Thanks for letting me vent guys, it helps tremendously!


    I'm confused... I've tried really hard to understand the mind set of JW's and from time to time, I get thrown a curve ball. You mean to tell me that there are many JW's who don't believe but still follow, and still try to get others to follow??? WTF is that all about??? I mean, I know that some JW's stay in the Org. to please family or to keep from losing relationships with friends and family but why would a JW's who does not believe whole heartedly try to get people join or become more active? Is it to keep up pretences of still being gun-ho or what? Why do you think your mother would do this solder77? Is it simply the mind control thing?

  • Soldier77

    Sahara I am trying to figure that out myself. I've only recently (last 6 months) refused to let the WBTS dictate my life and I'm still in the process of fading/walking away from it.

    As for my mom, it is high mind control with her. I get her to admit she doubts the organization and in the same breath says that I need to stay in because it is the truth. No shit, no lie, no exaggeration. It blows my mind. I'm formulating a plan of attack on this mind control to put a wedge in the cracks she has. But I don't know if it will work. She has said multiple times in the past the famous (or is it infamous?) line that all jdubs use, "where else are we going to go?" Of course as we all know this is not what Peter said to Jesus. It was to WHOM are we to follow? Not where or what. It is simply astonishing the level of mind control that the WBTS has used.

    This is definitely a work in progress. I keep thinking of the airline attendant that instructs you in the even of an emergency to grab the oxygen mask and put it on yourself first before helping someone else. I guess that is what I should be focusing on now, getting myself that oxygen mask and save myself.

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