What are JW's saying about Ray Franz's death?

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  • WingCommander

    Agreed. Even when 'ol Teddy Jackazz passes away, people will be like, "Who is he?" Seriously. They really only know, "The Faithful and Discreet Slave." That is all that is indoctrinated into them.

    Sad, isn't it that these slaves don't even know their OverLord's names.

    The last GB member I really remember knowing his name was Fred Franz, and that's because so much of the BS came from him and everyone knew it.

    - Wing Commander

  • WTWizard

    The witlesses probably don't give a fxxx, and probably give him as little mention as possible. They only mention him to point out that even members at the top can and do go apostate, and probably will never hear about his death.

  • blondie

    My experience is that most jws don't notice when someone in their own congregation dies. If it weren't for the announcement at the KH, they wouldn't know because they don't read the obits (except the ones who write letters to pad their time).


    Rays name is`nt in WBT$ Literature..

    Most JW`s won`t know who your talking about..

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  • blondie

    Actually there are a couple references; there used to be a branch letter on the front of the KM and his name was in it when he left Bethel. There might also be a couple references regarding his talks at some conventions. (No CD at work)



    Blondie,your a Gem..

    What would we do without you?..

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  • Lady Viola
    Lady Viola

    I have posted a picture on Facebook, no name (i'm still trying to fade) and they replied 'did your grandfather die?'

    Nobody know's who he was... I hope a lot of them will someday.


    I have found the announcement in the English CD. On mine: Dutch, there are no hits on Ray.

    *** km 8/80 p. 2 Announcements ***

    ? This is a notification that Raymond Victor Franz is no longer a member of the Governing Body and of the Brooklyn Bethel family as of May 22, 1980.

    And some other hits:

    *** w79 1/1 p. 11 Building and Planting in France ***

    After a program retracing the two years of efforts required to put up the new building, several recorded messages from Witnesses in other French-speaking lands were heard. Then Raymond Franz, a member of the Governing Body, gave the dedication talk. He highlighted the importance of serving Jehovah with joy. (Neh. 8:10) The vanity of human efforts and ephemeral glory (such as that of Caesar and Napoleon) were contrasted with the joyful work of preaching the good news of Jehovah’s kingdom. (Eccl. 1:3-7, 11) It was shown that if Christians continue finding joy in Jehovah’s service, awaiting his due time for destroying wickedness, they will end up by being convinced that everything has worked out perfectly, with “nothing to add” and “nothing to subtract.”—Eccl. 3:11, 14.

    The dedication of this new Bethel annex was a very happy occasion indeed. And the continued evidences of divine blessing fill us with determination to carry on faithfully in the spiritual building and planting work in France.

    *** w76 11/1 pp. 671-672 Gilead’s 61st Graduation a Spiritual Treat ***

    After Karl Klein read a number of heartwarming telegrams and other messages from various continents, Grant Suiter was heard. He called attention to our hands, which are the most wonderful of all tools. Rather than be “fooling around,” our attitude should be, “God, show me how best to use my hands.” He was followed by Raymond Franz, who himself had attended Gilead School and served some twenty years in foreign assignments. He urged following the cultured and highly educated apostle Paul, who learned to be content regardless of circumstances. Like Paul, the Gilead graduates may well be called upon to bear the ‘brand marks of Christ’ due to hardships and persecution.—Gal. 6:17; Phil. 4:11, 13.

    *** w75 1/15 p. 60 Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Enlarged ***

    The Governing Body is now composed of eighteen members, all anointed, and the other ten are as follows: Frederick W. Franz, Raymond V. Franz, George D. Gangas, Leo K. Greenlees, John O. Groh, Milton G. Henschel, William K. Jackson, Nathan H. Knorr, Grant Suiter and Lyman A. Swingle.

    *** yb80 p. 159 France ***

    Finally, the new annex was completed, and on Saturday, May 13, 1978, Brother Raymond Franz of the Governing Body gave the dedication talk in French. The Incarville annex now houses the shipping department and also accommodates Bethel brothers who work at Louviers. Almost all the 34 bedrooms on the second and third floors are already occupied. At present the French Bethel family totals 136 members, of which 46 are at Boulogne and 90 at Louviers-Incarville.

    *** yb78 p. 254 Spain ***

    The last few years have seen encouraging visits by various members of the Governing Body, and these visits have been appreciated greatly by the Spanish brothers. In 1974 Brothers N. H. Knorr and F. W. Franz visited Spain together, and were due to address a large crowd of brothers in a Barcelona bullring. However, permission was not granted by the authorities, as the date coincided with the religious holiday of December 25. Swiftly, plans were changed and all the pioneers and elders were invited to a special meeting that had to be held some twenty-one kilometers (13 miles) from Barcelona in an unused industrial building that was under consideration for purchase as an assembly hall. Over 5,000 packed in to listen to Brother Knorr talk about the worldwide expansion of the work, and then paid rapt attention to Brother Franz’ exposition of Psalm 91. Just over a year later, Brother Raymond Franz was invited to inaugurate that same building, which had been converted into a magnificent assembly hall with seating for 1,300, as well as an ample cafeteria dining room, and baptism pool.

    *** yb73 p. 257 The Governing Body ***

    The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses consists of eleven brothers, all anointed of God. They are as follows: Frederick W. Franz, Raymond V. Franz, George D. Gangas, Leo K. Greenlees, John O. Groh, Milton G. Henschel, William K. Jackson, Nathan H. Knorr, Grant Suiter, Thomas J. Sullivan and Lyman A. Swingle. It was determined on September 6, 1971, that the chairmanship for the Governing Body should rotate according to alphabetical arrangement. So for the past year Frederick W. Franz served as the presiding overseer at the meetings of the Governing Body. Each member of the Governing Body also takes a turn at the head of the Bethel table, acting as chairman for a week at a time. This has proved to be a very fine arrangement, and there is a rotation of elders at the head of the table in each of the Society’s branch offices.

    *** yb72 p. 158 Dominican Republic ***

    Raymond Franz, a missionary in Puerto Rico, was now asked to deliver a petition personally to Dictator Trujillo, asking for the removal of the ban. Making contact with the brothers, he was advised that the best way to get in to see Trujillo was to send a telegram requesting an interview. “Respectfully request privilege of brief interview with Your Excellency. An American educator on 7,000-mile tour. Have information of great importance for you and your country.” This was the text of the telegram sent and here is Brother Franz’ account of what happened

    *** km 5/77 p. 1 Branch Letter ***

    Recently Raymond Franz returned from a zone trip to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. He reported that the 123 members of the Bethel family in São Paulo, Brazil, find that their once-spacious factory and office facilities are now pressed to capacity. Interest in the Kingdom message is great in that part of the field, over 210,000 attending their recent series of district assemblies. The thirty-five missionaries there with whom Brother Franz met have served in their assignments for a total of 476 years—a reflection of the zeal that many of the brothers there feel for Jehovah’s service. In both Paraguay and Uruguay, Brother Franz met many of the friends from Argentina who crossed the border in order to assemble with their brothers in lands where there is greater freedom to do so. Despite changed circumstances in Argentina, they are continuing to press ahead with the Lord’s work.

  • B_Deserter

    I agree. I heard about Ray Franz from my older brother who was just a kid at the time it all went down. That's where I heard about "the book." My parents didn't like to talk about it, just that there had been "apostates" who had infiltrated bethel in the early 80s.

  • jookbeard

    those that know wont say, those that say dont know

  • EmptyInside

    I didn't know who Ray Franz was until I came to this board. I doubt anyone will bring it up.

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