No Memorial For Ray Franz.

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  • Violia


    yes I understand he did not want an offical memorial but we can do one ourselves. That is what we are doing now, really. It was just a thought, and I don't think a bad one.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I like Violia's idea. I think we could have a big Apostafest in memory of Ray. In some kind of central location.

    I understand that he did not want a funeral or traditional memorial service. This wouldn't be anything that Cynthia would be burdened with.

    Crapola, my mother requested no funeral or any type of service. We had a private memorial gathering at her home. Her siblings and close friends were invited. All of her JW siblings and spouses came. There was nothing religious except one Bible verse was read. We had a slide show of pictures, played music that she liked, served food that she liked, and read some poetry that she liked. Everyone was given a chance to speak and share memories if they wished.

  • besty
    In some kind of central location.

    Would Vegas be inappropriate?

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Well, I don't consider it central. I'm in Atlanta.

  • crapola

    Scarred for life, Thanks for the advice. I guess a family needs some sort of closeure when a loved one dies and that type would'nt be so hard. I'll give it some thougth.

  • TastingFreedom

    I love Vegas!! :)

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Yes, I think family and close friends NEED some kind of memorial gathering. It's part of the grieving process.

  • jamiebowers
    it's the first time in my life i cried for someone i didn't ever personaly see

    Me too.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The reach that Ray Franz' work had on people extends around the world. Having one centralized "meeting" somewhere in mid America leaves a heck of a lot of people out.

    That being said people around the world will find ways to honor Ray's memory whether that is getting together with other ex-JWs in the real world or on the internet, sharing his story with other people who might read his story in the media or simply people who are interested in Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society.

    I suspect what Ray did not want was a circus atmosphere where he was put on a pedestal for doing what was right.

    MY prayers and thoughts go out to Cynthia and all his dearest friends

  • WTWizard

    Well, he is getting a memorial--right here on this forum and other apostate forums.

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