Would You Believe This?

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  • MsDucky

    ...and Ezekiel (Zeke), Zachariah (Zach), Jonas, Obidiah (Obi), ... and so on.

  • snowbird

    There are even some people named JEHOVAH.

    Nathan Natas did a thread about that once - can't find it, though.


  • tec

    Someone handed in a resume at my work with the name 'Godblessyou.' I kid you not. We called him on it, and he just shrugged and thanked us for taking the resume; that most people just assumed he was a joke.

    (Never hired him, mind you)


  • yknot

    My cousin named her child Zephaniah

    But we all call him 'Rabbit'

  • exwhyzee

    Finally Free Asked : I wonder if any JW ever named their daughter "Jael", and if a girl with that name would have a problem finding a husband.

    Reply: Only if she were under 18 in which case she would be considered (wait for it)....Jael Bait

    I did know a Witness woman named Shulamite...a very sweet older lady but I thought the name was odd because isn't a Shulamite someone from Shul or Shulam? I always wanted to call her Vegimite (as in Vegimite sandwich).

    Then there was the Kid named Christian and his sister was Megan....everyone called them Christian and Pagan.

  • EmergedAsMe

    I knew a Shulam witness girl, named from the Shulamite girl...

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    How about Lamentation. A happy child!

  • serenitynow!

    Yknot, if I were to say on the internet what my name means, I might as well put a picture of myself up here and write my DA letter. My first name is too unusual and easily found in the Aid and Insight books, and my middle name is not a proper noun but an adverb picked to go with the meaning of the first name. The only 2 people who have the same name as I (that I know of) is some guy slightly older in my birthplace- likely where my parents first got the idea of it, and a young brother whose parents named him after meeting me. The name is like a virus. Face to face I'd tell, but not on the net. That would not happen if I was named Tiffany. I would be able to just blend in.

  • yknot

    Serenity..... I understand


    I know a Lamentation, his younger brother is Lemuel.......

    We call them Lam and Lem......for short but Lemuel's name got used a lot fully cuz of his prankish antics!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I wonder if any JW ever named their daughter "Jael", and if a girl with that name would have a problem finding a husband.


    My Dad wanted to call my sister Jael, but eventually went with a name my mother chose.

    My real first name is from the Bible. I often get compliments on it because it’s one you don’t hear these days.

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