Rules For JW Apologists Using the Interwebs

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  • besty

    It seems that many of the 'JW" apologists who find their way on here are similar. Coincidence? I think NOT. Here is a sample from the rulebook they all use:

    1 - It is important to be suffering from cognitive dissonance. This is essential for visiting websites banned by the organization you are trying to defend. In any case JWN, freeminds etc are not specifically identified and defined as 'apostate' by the Watchtower.

    2 - Remember you are anonymous on the Interwebs. So there is no point in trying to form any kind of normal human relationships with the people you meet there. It is better to just barge into the conversation without personal introduction or details and get started with your agenda.

    3 - As time passes you will start to realize that many of the people seem to know each other well, and many have met up in real life. Don't be disturbed by this - your cold impersonal anonymity combined with a naturally superior attitude demonstrates that you are right.

    4 - Don't be alarmed when you eventually discover that many of your opponents have posted thousands of times and have been members of the forum for years. The fact that you have just joined and nobody knows you confers instant trust and respect upon you. People will log in to the forum specifically to wait for your next post. Take advantage of your credibility - it will fade in time. (Quickly in some cases)

    5 - Cut and paste is your friend. Repeatedly pasting large amounts of material serves many useful purposes. Firstly it will impress the audience. They can see you are an intelligent debater who has done their homework and not one to be messed with. Secondly cut and pasting makes your point better than you ever could. (Note - the cut and paste doesn't have to be specific to the point you are trying to make - mostly cut and pastes get skimmed over but your objective - to impress the audience - doesn't require them to actually read it) Thirdly, always remember you are on a 'discussion' forum - cut and pasting removes the tiresome burden of discussing original thoughts you may have.

    6 - Bear in mind that most of the people you will meet on the Interwebs are unable to grasp the basics of logic, rational thought, developing a single point or reaching a definitive conclusion. Make sure to read "Beginners Guide To Logical Fallacies" - you will need to deploy as many of these subtle techniques as possible - don't worry - the ignorant audience will have no idea what you have done until it is too late.

    7 - Because of the foregoing it is vital to keep changing the subject and introducing new material - see Guideline 5 on how to do this. Not only does this unbalance and distract your opponent it also tempts new people to enter the debate and further fragment the original topic.

    8 - Further to that you will ALWAYS know more than them on the topic you have chosen to discuss. You have insider information that your opponent has never been privy too. They are unaware of your knowledge and will be shocked and awed by your ready grasp of deep doctrinal matters that they have never discussed before.

    9 - Always remember your unconditional support for Watchtower doctrine. There is no possibility of the Watchtower being wrong - ever. As a sidepoint you may find it a useful technique to deny uncomfortable facts - Example - "What us? Disfellowship somebody for taking blood? No we don't." Your uneducated opponent will not be able to rebut righteous theocratic warfare deployed when essential. Remember - the Watchtower is never wrong. Ever.

    10 - Feel free to disappear off the forum without warning. You can always re-register a new account later.

    Or am I just being paranoid?

  • carla

    Have you been talking with my jw?!

  • isaacaustin

    Besty, you forgot to add that this is not an apostate website!! LOL

  • besty

    good point - fixed that isa - thanks

  • isaacaustin

    exactly Besty! I mean it is called

    Now if it was called antiwatchtower, then it would be an apostate website.

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    a must save, man!




    That was good..

    You are observant..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

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    Love it!

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    Perhaps the Awake magazine can publish your guidelines, Besty.

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