I Have the Pwer to Run them Away

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Blondie, you point out a very significant change in WT policy that's evolved as the organization acquired assets over the years. In the old days, they used to be they used to provoke legal confrontations and encourage JWs to surreptitiously enter private apartment houses, etc. in order to assert their 1st amendment rights. Those were the days of Hayden Covington and Bill Jackson in the legal dept. Now much more wealthy, they're much more risk-averse.

  • B_Deserter

    Here's the thing about ordinances and freedom of speech: to what extent do you allow someone to preach at you? Should they be allowed to enter your home, stand in your living room, and refuse to leave until you accept literature? Should they be allowed to stand in your kitchen? Bathroom? Bedroom? Your driveway and porch are just as much your property as the inside of your house, so why are the rules any different? They're not on public property, so the first amendment doesn't apply. It is just as against the law for someone to walk in your yard when you don't want them to (trespassing) as it is for them to enter your home without permission. The penalties might be different, but both are illegal. Essentially what the HOA has done is informed that JWs that they are not welcome in the subdivision, and any such entry is illegal trespassing.

  • designs

    As an HOA you have the right, and responsibility, to demand that any solicitor or worker coming on the property have Liability Insurance.

    What would the response be if they had to carry a $1,000,000.00 Liability Policy.

  • nomoreguilt

    Thank you, We have duly registered with the Twp that we ARE an active HOA, this is for a number of reasons, not just to keep solicitors out. Nor is it to force policies on residents, but, to maintain a high standard of living that will hopefully increase our property values. First off, I didn't want this job, all I wanted to do was to serve the community. The rest of the Board of Directors elected me, no election, seems that I have certain outspoken abilities and some sort of extra time on my hands. Now, as for the JW's. I, having had been one for what , 40 years, knew damn well what their rights were and were not. Lord knows all the talks and admonition that was given on this subject. They always had some way around it, in and out fast, 2 doors and out, walk in an apartment and ring just one bell to buzz you in, hey, I learned from the best. Now, I know MY rights in the local twp and I will stand up for the rights of my neighbors.

    As, one or two of you may be inclined to believe that HOA's are a pain in the butt, those residents who purchased their home in here knew right out of the gate that an HOA exisited in here. What's interesting to note is that we originally had a management compnay running us at a cost of $10,000.00 per year. We, however, fired them when thier contract was up and took over the HOA as a self managing entity. We are able to much better manage the association's funds and are doing much more for the indivual resident than the management company ever did. I am a very proactive member of the Board and my sole purpose is to serve the neighbors, not harrass them. Oh, sure, very noble on my part you say. Hey! If I can protect their interests in their property values, I can at the same time be protrecting mine. But, hey! We've gotten off the subject that I wished to address and that was the JW's. I don't want them in here, and funny thing is, they have no clue who I am or that I ever was one of them. I live many miles from where I used to attend.

    As always, I am,


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