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  • serenitynow!

    Hey everybody. So I am getting on a couple dating sites, I'm having a problem when they want you to write a narrative about yourself. Has anyone done the online thing? What did you say? I cant even decide exactly what kind of "relationship" I'm looking for. Does anyone know of any good sites? Anyone have online dating tips? thanks!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Mr. and Mrs. Flipper met on eHarmony or some such popular website. If nobody answers, send Flipper a PM.

  • crazyblondeb

    I have started trying to do that, and have the same prob!

    I'm destined to die alone, and that's ok!! LOL

  • Terry

    Write about not knowing how to talk about yourself or how to express your deepest desires but that you are open to discovering yourself through the interest of others.

    Uncertainty is human. A lack of personal insight into oneself leads some people to lie or exaggerate. What would you find more attractive or desirable--a person who makes stuff up or tells it like it is?

    The simple things resonate most deeply. The flowery fluff of women's magazines is hollow, thin and puerile.

    Be the real person you are.

  • Jeremy430

    Less is more...only mention a few conversation starters in your profile page...leave a lot of mystery. Never email a lady back until the next day. (at first anyway)....never email her twice in between a response.

    Have only one close up photo of your face...and make sure your name is part of your username. Ladies may like the bad boy, but they also want to have an idea they are going to be safe in trusting you with information like her number....

    When you email a woman, never tell her how hot she is. If you like her photo, tell her its a "nice picture". Most importantly...make sure you ask her a question about an interest in her profile. Again...less is more, so only one sentence or two max. She will know you took the time to read her profile...that is very important.

  • ballistic

    I've got some funny stories I could tell you about online dating... but I did eventually find the one who I am with to this day. We actually met on a cheap and tacky site after no luck on the expensive high tech sites. I think it is quite random who you find and you'll never know if you click until you actually meet them.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Done that with limited be honest, i pefered the 'meat market' as some called nightclubs because i liked face to face meets and you either clicked with somebody or you didnt. I also looked into dating services and found them to be a real rort. Speed dating was fun!

    If you want to meet a man, go where men are, if you want to meet women, go where women are...

    Most (but not all) sites will always hit you for money. Often more is 'free' for female members and the men pay more fees.

    Remember that these sites are not actually about hooking people up but about generating income.

    second thing to remember is that many many people on them are nothing like their profile in personality or looks.

    Beware of 'online chemistry'. It can be faked and may not translate into real life either.

    Feel free to Pm if you want personal experiences...


  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    You do realize that this thread is over 2 months old?

    The posts ended June the 1st.

    Zip 'em up, boys. Nothing to see here. Move along

  • Jeremy430
    Jeremy430 advice was geared the wrong way anyway....just goes to show how my observation is lacking at times. I should have realized the OP was a lady. I blame my monumental blunder and lack of observation on being tired. lol

  • serenitynow!

    That's alright Jeremy, I like getting a view inside the male brain lol.

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