hows this for sick: childrens covention note book

by Aussie Oz 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • yesidid

    Were there mostly boys or girls?

    Shows how few are coming out of the territory.

    Not not "men and women" but "boys and girls".

    And as has been mentioned, when he was baptized, Jesus was not a "boy" he was a "man".

  • Balsam

    Good grief more mind numbing conditioning to get JW's to equate God to the leadership of the JW's. How pathetic and sad, I feel for all those kids forced into using this notebook. It was bad enough when my kids were growing up in it.


  • AudeSapere

    Convention NoteBook?

    Is this something handed out in the KH?

    It's the first I've ever heard of this. We all took notes, but never had anything already printed out.


  • StAnn

    I have never seen one of those sick convention notebooks. When did they first come out with them?


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    You need to in-culcate The Truth ™ when they're young.

  • SirNose586

    "What prevents you from getting baptized?"

    The guilt part is the sickening. There was always that pressure to conform.

  • yesidid

    This has nothing to do with the writing department.

    It is a private idea dreamed up by an individual Witness.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Dear debator, yes i do type negative things about the JWs on here. Thats partly what its for. This is Jehovahs witness .net, not some other group forum. If i have a beef with the mormons or catholics i'll go tackle them. but here its about JWs.

    That said, i do not care for the sucking in of children with the sort of declusion offered by the WT soc. Those 'note books' are part of the deal even though not offical WT lit.

    How about some of the questions read; how old was jesus when he got baptized? Why did he wait till that age? How important is it to shun some in your family? There is no balance in those questions. They are designed to lead the child to the only answer acceptable to the WT soc. Do you honestly think that any kid is going to answer 'no' to those questions? seriously! With parents and elders looking on?

    Their target right now is my two kids. Too young to drive, to marry, to drink, to plan what career they want, to know anything about life are to be scooped up by the witnesses without question. You tell me where the caution is for them. Where is the lessons on the reality of shunning? The reality of what it will do to them when their brains mature in their twenties and they might change their minds and want out? Where is it explained about the harsh reality of the blood doctrine?

    It's all glossed over with rose colored glasses somewhere in the millions of pages of watchtowers. But are the cold hard facts EVER included in the rosy, gee why dont you get baptized son talk? NO. Is it in the study book for baptism candidates? NO.

    It sickens me too that the answer for them should they hesitate about baptism or 'what if i sin later' is just ''pray to Jehovah''.

    You may not like it, but yes the WT does demonize technology, having a good education, too much time with family, finacial sucurity and such. Again, no balance is offered, or suggested in those headline points either, and i know from the dozens of assemblies i have been to that there will be no real balance in the talks either.

    lastly, please refrain from quoting the bible on my posts. I do not care for it, i do not consider it an authority on anything.


  • Lozhasleft

    Well said Aussie Oz.

    Debator - This is a site of support for those who are leaving or have left the WTBS...some of us have suffered terrible trauma and heartbreak because of their legalistic twisting of scriptures. Did you expect us all to be praising the Organisation for some obscure reason?

    Loz x

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