The stupid "ants" at the Watchtower Society!

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  • steve2

    So the Watchtower spends endless energy and ink over several decades specifying and stressing the absolute and unerring importance of the concept of the generation and this boofhead comes along and says to the brain-dead rank and file "we" have no business being concerned about the generation. The audience mindlessly applauds. Duh!

    Whether you're speaking from the platform or zoning out in the audience, sadly there ain't much going on "upstairs".

  • thetrueone

    This is almost like someone made a satirical talk of a GB member giving a speech.

  • possible-san

    Is it the same as this?

    Who is this "Ciro Aulicino"?

    I cannot understand that meaning from the beginning of this talk.
    He/Ciro has said, "friends, believe me..."
    "believe me"? Do they believe him rather than believe Jehovah?
    Is he idiot?
    Probably, a idiot like him is not in the Japanese JWs.

  • teel
    "ANT"-i-matter... tee hee

    Lol the antimatter always cracks me up. Never mind that the energy produced by the body of a few billion people would blow the whole Earth to atoms. They think the antimatter would simply erase completely the matter out of existence.

    Let's say 4 billion people are eaten by birds, that leaves ~3 billion to antimatter, or 195 billion kilogramms. Antimatter has mass too (yep Cirus, and it's not negative mass either ), so that's ~400 billion kg. I'm lazy to calculate E = mc2 now, but acc. to wiki ( 1 gramm of mass equals 21.5 kilotons of TNT (or roughly about the energy of the Fat Man nuclear bomb exploded in Nagasaki).

    Which leads us to a grand total of energy equivalent to 400 thousand billions of Fat Man explosions, or roughly 400 billion Castle Bravo explosions, the most powerful weapon ever created by man (which has 22 megaton TNT).

    And they're afraid of the few hundred nuclear bombs now ready to detonate. Just wait and see what your god has in his silos for you! :D

  • thetrueone

    This got to be a farcical joke, made up to make the speech sound like its a really a Bethel speaker.

    He's saying shit that I've never heard come out of a JW.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I gotta admit it sounds like a joke but i dont know that it is.

    all i know is that the speaker is saying stuff i have never seen in print EVER.

    Can a speaker drift that far into space from an outline or manuscript and be allowed another talk?

    Did this character get reprimanded for the gobbledegook?

    Surely if this talk is only 2007, somebody must know...


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    If this is the talk where he reckons Jehovah will change the snakes jaw so that it can eat dust and straw and they will have pretty little faces........

    .......... It's for real.

  • thetrueone

    If it is real, then this guy has walked himself into delusional insanity.

  • Anti-Christ

    I like how he chuckles when he talks about the amount of dead bodies, what a sicko... and to think I believed this insanity.

  • dmouse

    Jaw-dropping lunacy.

    That's the clearest indication yet that the people at the helm are completely insane.

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