The stupid "ants" at the Watchtower Society!

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  • somebody

    Hi all!,

    For those who haven't seen the video yet on youtube of Ciro's ( a Bethel speaker?) sick talk given in, I believe, 2007, I provide the link:

    Right at the end of the talk he says, :

    "The Tribulation is almost upon us. It is not a time, friend, to think that because the society published a change in generation that Jehovah God, the great Theocrat, took his clock and moved it back, because some ants printed a Watchtower down there. Oh please, friends! We should not have been dealing with generation in the first place. It's none of our business. Did you ever see the apostles talk about generation? Didn't they have opportunity there? Not once did they mention generation, did they? Then we have no business doing it."

    The latest change of the generation brings me to believe that the ants who print the Watchtower just don't get it!



  • steve2

    Thanks "somebody" for the link. I wouldn't have believed it had I not heard it straight from the horse's mouth. Truly bizarre.

  • gubberningbody

    I would have said "Ciro, I love your crazy talks, but seriously dude...There was a lot of stuff that people talked about that wasn't written down or was and was lost, so how do you know what they did or didn't talk about?"

  • thetrueone

    That guy is scary sick in the head, without question.

    Wow could you just imagine having your children sit in front of this guy as he spills out this mental illness.

    If this is the way typical speakers give talks its no wonder JWS are killing themselves or dosing up on sedatives.

    Its all about the power given or perhaps taken into the hands of the corrupt and ignorant.

  • metatron

    I'm amazed that poor Ciro can cross the street without help or find his backside with both hands.

    So, the generation is unimportant? The Apostles didn't care? Didn't a guy named Jesus bring it up in the first place? Oh yeah, I forgot, he's a redundant figure.

    So, the Watchtower has no business discussing the generation? Really? No kidding?

    I wonder if we're hearing some internal dissent within the Watchtower Society in this speech. If this sort of thing happened in China or North Korea or a similar nation, experts would be debating about hidden factions.


  • agonus

    Um? Ciro? Them ants are speakin' for Jehovah for them other ants, just like you, ya little ant... hole.

    "ANT"-i-matter... tee hee

    Maybe this is a little preview of the "detailed instructions" we can expect from the Kool-Aid Edition?

  • agonus

    I wonder if Ciro's oral diarrhea prompted the new "For Christ's sake, DON'T record this shit" injunction...

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I remember this lunatic. I heard this before and thought he was insane to say all the land masses would be brought back together as one. Hard to believe we all use to eat this bat shit crazy stuff up.

    Think About It

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    and yet 99% of his audience didnt see the generation blow off.

    a truley remarkable thing that the WT speakers can dribble such shit without the society owning it'


  • ziddina

    Oh, brother....

    I remember all this crap from the pre-1975 hysteria.... Practically the same wording, even...

    Speaking of 'manure', the WTBTS sure likes to recycle its own excrement...

    "Ants printed a Watchtower down there..."


    bug swatter

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