Ode to the 192 Page Book

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  • millions now living are dead
    millions now living are dead

    Ode to the 192 Page Book

    Once I wondered what life was all about

    I struggled with faith, I struggled with doubt

    But there it was, the last place I looked

    Spelled out for me, in a 192 Page Book

    Why am I here? What's my direction

    Should I lay on my stomach when I have an erection?

    My mom and dad said, "Son you should look..

    In the pages of this here 192 page book."

    Fresh out of High School, what path to choose?

    My guidance counselor said I should follow my muse.

    But my counselor was worldly, a geniune crook

    Instead I followed the advice in a 192 page book.

    Now I'm older, and my marriage is rocky.

    I'm looking at porn and my figure is stocky.

    I went to the elders and my priviliges they took

    And sent me home with a 192 page book.

    I'm a Senior Citizen now, and I'm in alot of pain

    I'm really pissed that Armaggedon never came

    When I die, where will I be?

    Maybe the answer is on page 193


  • Heartbreaker

    loved it!

  • agonus

    Funny shit dude!

    I've always wondered what the deal was with the "192 pages" thing.

    Knowing the Society's penchant for attaching significance to numbers, I'm guessing it's gematria for something.

    My personal theory? The gematria value for "Zion" is 192, so I'm betting on that one.


  • zeroday*


  • transhuman68

    Great poem! Page 193 is where they print "We were wrong".

  • nextdoorgirl

    Hahaha @ Transhuman!

    I loved the poem! Great laugh! Witty!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Cool poem!

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    Nice one!

  • snowbird

    So nice and true!

    I remember being teed of by an experience in which a couple no longer talked to each other.

    The CO recommended to the husband that he look into the bound volumes (pre-CD-ROM) for advice!

    It was one of those WTH moments that I should have heeded.


  • JWoods
    I've always wondered what the deal was with the "192 pages" thing.

    Somebody at Bethel told me that this was the most efficient way to cut and fold a standard size blank paper to make this kind of book. Thus, no valuable pages were wasted.

    It made me wonder if the writing department deliberately edited their stuff to fit exactly into the 192 pages - no less, no more. What if everything on the subject had been said in 185 pages? What if another topic required say 212 pages?

    Praise the society - they divinely worked out exactly 192 perfect pages every time.

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