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    This is an interesting question, wouldn't you say? Yes, when we consider the great Messianic Prophecy of Psalms 45:16, doesn't it clearly say the "Messiah" does indeed have "Forefathers" that will miraculously be turned into his "heirs" or "sons" ... yes, his descendants, his "seed" in fact, that exist "forever"? -- Please see Psalms 89:29.

    So if it says this for our benefit, then to whom could we truly say this would correctly apply? Yes, to whom can we say these words of Psalms 45:16 actually apply? Could we say this great messianic prophecy applies to people like King David, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob? If so then ask yourself, were these people, these humanly sinner descendants of Adam & Eve to be considered ... Jesus' "forefathers"??? Or, Jesus' “parents” ... Jesus' "progenitors" in fact? How could that be? If Jesus' "forefathers" were sinners from Adam & Eve, then what would that make Jehovah God? Isn't it true, the actual parent, the ONLY "PARENT" that Jesus ever had was his heavenly father, Jehovah? And everyone after that, was all created by Jesus Himself, in his heavenly pre-human existence, just as the bible indicates, be they heavenly creatures or earthly creatures? Yes, the bible clearly tells us, "all things" came into existence by him [Jesus], as God's "only begotten" god and son, this one we refer to as Jesus. Is that not so? --See John 1:3, 18; Colossians 1:15-20.

    In fact, Jesus we know, helped to create Adam & Eve too, as Jehovah's "master worker," as Jehovah’s Chief Assistant in the creation of all things seen and unseen, is that not so? Just as Jehovah did indeed say to him, "Let us make man [and woman] in our image and in our likeness..." Jehovah was talking to someone, was he not? Yes, and this one, was indeed, the one we call today, Jesus. -- See Genesis 1:26; 27; Proverbs 8:22-31.

    So then, we must acknowledge the fact that none of the humans referred to above, individuals who were faithful to Jehovah centuries and centuries ago like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, none of them could actually be said to be Jesus' "forefathers" ... who could later be changed, yes miraculously changed, into Jesus' "sons," Isn't that so?

    Think about it.

    However, just for a moment, if we were to think in terms of the "Messiah" being an imperfect human descendant of Adam & Eve, a regular man, a sinner, ohhhh yes, then it would all make much more sense, this great messianic prophecy of Psalms 45:16, wouldn't it? Yes because now, when we read those same words of Psalms 45:16, we can see, the true humanly sinful, descendant of Adam & Eve, the "seed of the woman [Eve]," would and could now be "made" [by God] into this the parent figure we speak of, in this case. The "Messiah" could actually have previous, fleshly "forefathers" ... former parents and grandparents and great, great grandparents from Adam & Eve, that God could miraculously transform ... transform or be made into the "Messiah's" offspring or descendants. Now, that angle ... would work! Think about it. -- Please see Psalms 89:27 where the "Messiah" is said to be “placed” ... or as some translations say “to make” or “to appoint” one to be God's "Firstborn." Ask yourself, would Jesus need this special help to become God’s “Firstborn?”

    Therefore, when we examine closely Psalms 45:16, what does it tell us? Well, it tells us a descendant of “Eve,” a descendant of King David, yes, the actual Davidic Heir will become something amazingly special. (2 Samuel 7:11-15) It states the Davidic Heir will become the “father” of those previously thought to be his progenitors or forefathers. This is a miraculous happening, just as the verse says:

    In place of your fathers shall be your sons; you will make them princes in all the earth.” -- English Standard Version

    When we compare this particular verse with Psalms 89:27, a great “Sacred Secret” is unveiled for us. This verses states:

    And I will make him the firstborn, the highest of the kings of the earth.” -- English Standard Version

    In Psalm 45:16 and Psalms 89:27, Jehovah The Almighty tells us the promised Davidic Heir will be appointed or ‘made’ into the earthly “firstborn” son of God, the same way Adam would have been if he had remained faithful. Did you ever notice that point before? Ask yourself, why would someone like Jesus need to be made into the “firstborn” in God’s eyes? He would not. However, if this applied to someone else, some other human, could this be because this person would be assuming the position that Adam (who failed God in the Garden of Eden) once had … could this be possible???

    Think about it!

    For more information please see: "Three Statements Part 2"




    This is an interesting question, wouldn't you say?.....MadMary

    Considering nobody asked it..NO..LOL!!..

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