Did You Know...Jesus Does Not Kill Satan The Devil! ... You Heard It First Here!

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    Hi all,

    This topic is especially for all the bible scholars in the house. The real serious ones... ...who like this type of bible discussion, though-provoking, challenging.

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    Did you know:

    Jesus Does Not Kill Satan The Devil! ... You Heard It First...Here!



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    I guess we all must be heading for Jamaica now... :-)


    Hi all,

    This topic is especially for all the bible scholars in the house. The real serious ones......MADMARY

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Yup, follow us everyone - we have the monopoly on truth and understanding of deep Bible prophecies. Only we know - and can reveal how sooooooooon the end is coming!

    To quote your own phrase YORWW - think about it!


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    Did you know .... you are in a cult! ....yes, you heard it here first!

    Eight (8) Pivotal Points to Consider in Understanding Genesis 3:15

    1) The Watchtower Society simply assumes the "Woman" cannot be Eve because she could not produce a perfect "seed." (But we can ask ourselves, does the "seed" need to be perfect to accomplish God's Will in this instance?)

    2) If the "Woman"" pictures the heavenly organization (as taught by the Watchtower Society), then her "seed" could NOT be Jesus because Jesus was created directly by Jehovah as His "only-begotten," and thus existed before any other spirit creature in heaven. And as we know, Jesus was responsible for the creation of the entire angelic family and so could not come from this group of angels, but instead they come from him. (John 1:18; Colossians 1:15, 16)

    3) The Churches of Christendom who say the "Woman" is Mary, overlook the obvious fact if you say the "seed" comes through Mary, you are still saying that the "seed" still came from Adam & Eve. You can't separate that fact. -- See Genesis 4:25; 12:3; 17:5; 22:17, 18; 2 Samuel 7:11-15; Psalms 89:3, 4.

    Further, if the "Woman" is Eve, Jesus could not be her "seed" or descendant because no imperfect human male was involved in his conception. This of course means in medical terms, Mary was used ONLY as a "Surrogate" mother in giving birth to Jesus. -- Please see Part 3 for more information on Surrogacy and/or being a “Surrogate Mother.”

    4) The foretold "enmity" spoken of in this verse is strictly between Satan and the "Woman" and then, between the "seed" of Satan and the "seed" of the "Woman." Isn't that true?

    5) Since we know Satan's "seed" is earthly, so must the Woman's "seed" be also. Further, they must co-exist together on earth, in order for genuine "enmity" to be expressed between the two, as foretold.

    6) Since the foretold "enmity" is between the two earthly "seeds," so must the accompanying "bruising" action be delivered to one another, on earth. Otherwise, it would have been pointless to mention the predicted "enmity" was to be strictly between the "seed" of the Woman and the "seed" of Satan [Serpent]. If the "bruising" actions were to be between the Messianic Seed and Satan [Serpent], then why even bring up the "enmity" between the two "seeds" in the first place.

    7) The Bible emphatically states Satan is to be destroyed by God, and not by the "seed" of the "Woman" or messiah. So the "seed" of the "Woman" does not "bruise" Satan or destroy him. (Romans 16:20)

    Last But Not Least, As This Is The Most Important Of These Eight Points:

    8) The name devil means “slanderer” [Greek: Diabolos]. So think, who was actually slandered in the Garden of Eden when Satan said Adam and Eve would NOT die after eating the forbidden “fruit?” (Genesis 3:4) Was it Jehovah or was it Jesus -- which?

    The answer is Jehovah God.

    So, the primary enemy of Jehovah is Satan the Devil, more so than even Jesus.

    No doubt, this is why the “Archangel Michael” refused to “rebuke” Satan and indicated this should be done ONLY ... only by Jehovah God Himself. [For that matter, no one knows what it would take to kill an angel or angelic force anyway, since this has never been done before. The bible only tells us that Satan’s wicked life would be terminated by throwing him into the “lake of fire” and completely destroying him. Yes, only the Almighty Himself knows how to do this.] -- See Jude 9; Revelation 20:10.




    The answer is Jehovah God......MadMary

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  • leaving_quietly

    You may possibly be correct. Or not. Doesn't really matter.

    Revelation 20:7 shows that Satan is hurled into the lake of fire. When is death hurled into the lake of fire? Before or after Satan? If Revelation 20 is viewed in sequence, then death is hurled into the lake of fire after Satan is. (See Rev 20:14) If Satan is destroyed before death doesn't necessarily mean Christ is the one to kill him just because he's king. It makes sense that God would be the one to carry out that particular action regardless of who is king. Oh, and we must recognize that God is always king, even while Christ is. Just because Christ is king doesn't mean God is not. But, God has chosen to let Christ rule. That's what the covenant for a kingdom is about.

    That said, who kills Satan does not affect our faith one iota, so it's not worth much of a debate.

  • azor

    Really!!! After visiting this site you still believe anything wtbs states/prints?

    Who flippin cares. This is what stands for serious biblical discussion in jw land. A true reflection of the mind control that continues to rule the day. This has been a topic among jw's for decades now. I came across this at least 20 years ago in a waste of what they call a school.

    At least bring something original to the table.

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