MEAT! What is your favorite ???

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    HEY Ana,Meat,HA-HA!You sure do come up with the posts!Sea food:Lobster,Crab,oysters,clams,scallops,octapuss,shrimp,tuna,squid,salmon,cod,mussels,ect.Beef:Fillet,Touranado,Tenderlion,Prime rib,top sirloin,T-bone,lean ground.Fowl:Chicken,duck,goose and turkey.Goat,sheep and alligatior.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    has anyone had buffalo??! lol, seriously. i've eaten it quite a few times and i must say it's my fave!


    Hey Bea,yeah buffalo burgers are kind of cool.We got them in the pubs up this way.(We`re Pretty close to alberta)The meat is a little dry but it is good...OUTLAW

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    burgers?! MMmm. i've only had it as steaks. so yummily delicious!

    yeah, i only get to eat it when i'm in alberta for the summers. damn saskatchewan, i thought we had buffalos too ?! ah well

    ALIGATOR??! really?


    Hey Bea,yeah alligator,it was pretty good.I had it in one of my favorite restaraunts.It was served with a white wine and cheese sauce over pasta.A white wine(chardanay) and caeser salad dosent hurt either..Buffalo steak.Haven`t had that yet.That would taste great with a duxell.(butter,garlic,onion,mushrooms,sautied and finished in red burgandy wine)...OUTLAW

  • beepers

    Mine has to be steak. Any kind. The bigger the better, it also helps if it's still moovin. :D


  • Angharad

    Steak - Has to be well done

    I'm so hungry with all these food threads.

  • ladonna

    Ang, yeah, me too. Larc started all this food talk, so I have to blame/thank him *confused*....hungry again!!!

    Beepers, Bad girl ..go see Mango.

    Outlaw, teehee, is there ANY food that you don't like??

    Mango, Cannot keep out of the meat, can you ?

    LB, well which cow would you like?

    Ashit, hahahahahha, naughty, naughty!!!

    Larc, you started all this food talk; clever move?

    Cello, yep, just stick to the here and now. Oxtail lol's

    As bad as Larc's turtle

    OMG...what can you lot possibly come up with next???????


  • avengers

    What about Wild-Beast meat with slave gravy?


    Hey Ana,I tried ostrach once and I didn`t like it.Deer and moose are pretty gamey(taste like wild meat)but if I make a gravy with some beef broth in it,(pour it over the sliced roast meat)it is quite good.Food I don`t like:ill prepared food,food prepared in a dirty kitchen,some ethnic foods.True chinese,can be very shocking to the palate.(I do like chinese just not all of it).Japanese has some dishes I don`t care for.(wasabee yuk!)In Canada some of the native tribes make a seasoning for cooking.They put fish eye balls in a tobbaco or coffee can and bury it for 6 month`s.After 6 months they dig it up and the eyeballs are rotten,there is your seasoning for cooking.(LOL)It enjoyed mostly by the older folk,the younger ones don`t care for it to much.I must say all their food is not that gross.In fact it is quite good,and I can prepare many native dish`s.(Hey to all my First Nations buds!)The absolute worst thing for me is,when I go to restaraunt,and I am served a meal I could have prepared better...OUTLAW

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