Photographer arrested at Ground Zero

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  • buffalosrfree

    As for jdubs being at ground zero, I don't give a shit, if there is any truth in all the asbestos being there and hurting people, the more the jdubs go there the better in my book. However, they are a bunch of liars just like fred. He likes to parrot lies, he follows the example of his father, (GB) the father of the lie (the gb and society) for people like fred they are little more than dog manure in fact less so. I just ignore it (him) try not to smell (read anything he vomits) and go on about my business. buff

  • RedhorseWoman

    Fred, honey, since you are so convinced that Ground Zero is just crawling with JWs spreading the "good news", why don't you go there yourself....right up to the crews working there....and have your picture taken, or perhaps have them autograph your little bookbag.

    Then come back and tell us about your experience....names, times, court docket know, all the pertinent stuff.

  • ashitaka

    I think it is obvious that the JW's FLOATED OVER THE RUBBLE because of their excess of holy spirit. Of COURSE!!! they were there, preaching...{snicker}


  • gene

    First post.Third generation JW.Droped out at 20 years old.Have been a firefighter for 30 years and was at ground zero for three weeks.I worked a supplys tent supporting the FDNY and NYPD with whatever they needed (hardhats,gloves,bodybags ,etc).In that time I saw no JWS doing their preaching work.

  • larc


    First of all, welcome to our humble community. Second of all, patriot is with the NYPD that worked at ground zero. You might know each other. If not, I am sure you would enjoy discussing your common observations about the tragedy and the JWs.

    I did not check to see if either of you have open emails, but if either of you do, I am sure that you would share a brotherhood.

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