Photographer arrested at Ground Zero

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  • Patriot

    NY Times photographer arrested at ground zero

    By Associated Press

    "NEW YORK, Jan. 12 – A photographer from The New York Times was arrested at ground zero and charged with criminal trespass, police said.

    Edward Keating was arrested Friday evening. Police said he was in the north pit and was seen taking photographs of rescue workers removing victim remains.
    Keating had no prior approval to be in the area, and his press card had expired, said Michael O'Looney, deputy commissioner of public information for the NYPD.

    The photographer also had a pass that allowed only legitimate workers to be in the area, and authorities were investigating how he got it, O'Looney said.

    Times spokeswoman Catherine Mathis said the matter was being looked into. She said Keating had been at ground zero on prior occasions.

    Keating was given a desk-appearance ticket and released, police said."

    I wanted to post this to keep proving my point of how NOONE IS ALLOWED INTO GZ!! So please do not believe the experiences going around of Jws preaching to the workers on the debris field.


  • Fredhall


    I think this is totally stupid. Why? Because I saw so many signs said: "No pictures and videos taken"! Yet many people did it without no problem.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Patriot, I think that perhaps the JWs were able to get in because of their appearance as angels of light. Their brilliance blinded all of the authorities and they were therefore allowed instant access to all restricted areas.

    Oh yes, and they were accompanied by dancing Smurfs.

  • Fredhall


    It seems to me that Patriot, Smurfs and you are a little jealous because JW's have a easy enterance at ground zero.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Fred, it seems to me that you are a little jealous because Patriot speaks the truth and you parrot inane lies from the Witchpower Babble and Crap Society (as Kent would say).

  • umtiger

    OR mebbe they own the property that ground ZERO is on!
    Cud be.

    A secret's still a secret if ya twist the truth just right!

    All That Could Never Be Said
    All That Could Never Be Done
    Will Wait for Us At Last,
    Somewhere Behind The Sun

  • Fredhall


    It is probably that Patriot doesn't know what he is talking about.

  • Patriot

    Come now Freddy play nice.

  • moman

    Fredie, now do you do what your told?
    It iz against the Watchtowers LAWS for you to be on what they call an "APOSTATE" board!
    You are being disobedient to your corporate masters & don't give me that "Jesus iz my master" krap!
    The F.D.S., the anointed, the Governing Body, bla, bla, you know you are supposed to OBEY!
    Are you just an APOSTATE yourself?

  • outnfree

    Thanks, Mav!

    And welcome to the board, umtiger!


    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts -- John Wooden

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