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  • waiting

    There's an old saying:

    When it happens to me, it's a tragedy.
    When it happens to you, get over it.

    As most of here on this board only too well know just how difficult it is for someone who was never 'inside the organization' to understand even the outer fringes of the illusion was was our total perception of reality, -frenchy
    A woman I worked with told me about her husband. He had a boil removed near his scrotum. Anyone who's had a boiled lanced knows they tend to seep afterward, sometimes for days.

    Well, he was sore, in a most tender area. And he had to wear a Kotex pad, old-fashioned belt and all. After a couple of days walking around tenderly, and also walking around like he had a roll of toilet paper between his legs, he told his wife "I swear, I'll never make fun of you women again."

    Of course, the reason I know this is because she told ALL the women she worked with.....and we knowingly laughed heartily at the poor fool. He now knew.

    It's kind of the same (sans humor) with xjw's - and a person who studied or knew jw's. They just don't have the same experience - and it's almost impossible to actually *know* what it feels like.

    Even the poor husband with the tampax for a couple of days.....multiply that out for 40 years, 12 times a year, about 5 days a month. He just got a taste of it. But it was a true smiler.

    Sorry to bring humor to this thread.......but I've remembered that poor guy - and it's been 23 years since then. Still smile.


  • patio34

    Hi Frenchy,

    I'm really benefitting from this thread. Thanks!

    And the point, which Waiting reiterated, about people drawing away from the new Bible study, isolating them, and then going to the brotherhood, is plain SPOOKY, as Waiting said.

    I had never thought about it that way either. No wonder people get sucked in!!


    "It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the world." (from "Stuart Saves His Family")

  • yrs2long

    Excellent post! I came in on the six month plan. Yep, love 'em and leave 'em. Give you only six months to swallow all the garbage and dump you if you can't quite digest it fast enough. Do they still do this? I had a bible study and I used to take my mother-ex-law. The young woman had obvious troubles with her husband. He was violent, non-supportive(monetarily) and generally disagreeable. She used to ask questions about family life in the JW and I always tried to steer her away. I was having my own trouble and I wanted to scream, lose your man first or you'll be stuck with him for the rest of your miserable JW life. Now I think I should have told her just to run far away. Anyway, my mother-ex-law kept admonishing her to be in subjection, it's the way Jehovah intended. I split up soon after from my husband and moved many miles away and I believe my mother in law took over the study. I wish I knew what happened with her.

  • LDH


    Frenchy, beautiful, as usual. Love your posts, man.

    And for those of us who were raised in this crap, we were taught to NEVER trust or believe anyone or anything who had a negative comment about JEHOVAH'S TRUE SERVANTS.

    We were taught not to think at all, in fact. It really is a miracle that some made it out and have healthy normal lives by thinking for themselves.


  • Frenchy

    Waiting: Loved the story about the Kotex! Great illustration.

    Thanks, patio34.

    Yrs2long: Thank you. No, the six months plan has been out for quite a while now. Actually, it was quite effective and put the pressure on the pubs to get these people to the meetings. That, coupled with the 'blue bombshell' (the Truth Book) was quite effective. Interesting about your study. I had a similar experience with a study.

    LDH: Thank you very much. "It really is a miracle that some made it out and have healthy normal lives by thinking for themselves." Yes, I agree fully!!!

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