Liars for the Watchtower?

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  • JosephAlward

    The argument I presented at the top of this thread deals only with a single issue: Does the Portuguese letter contradict the Britain and Brooklyn letters? Arguments about affilation criteria are irrelevant to my argument, and thus cannot impact it, let alone blow it out of the water.

    Joseph F. Alward
    "Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible"


  • Moxy

    while i like alward's arguments and agree with the basic points, there is some over-simplification here. for one thing, brooklyn *did* publish an official explanation with instructions to use the wording provided, which we see in the other two letters. the portuguese letter antedated this and thus differs.

    another thing that should be remembered is the very broad WT definition of 'humanitarian aid.' everyone's asking, 'what humanitarian aid? i thought the preaching work was the sole purpose of the WT.' but you see, according to the WT, that *is* the humanitarian aid, for the most part. the publishing of human rights issues to a broad readership in the Awake! especially is the primary example. now you might take issue with just how much that qualifies as 'humanitarian' or 'aid' but that's how they see it. since the UN library materials were evidently used principally in the preparation of Awake! articles, both explanations are consistent.

    i love how people mock JWs who fear demons behind everyone and everything that opposes them in any way, be they apostate, scientist, politician, movie, toy, or bad weather but turn around and accuse anyone who profers a less than total condemnation of the WT of being a WT lawyer. i really love this. its precisely the same thinking.


  • LoneWolf

    As I said:

    Let me mention one other thing. One of the oldest tricks in the book for those that are caught red-handed in mischief is to try to ignore the main guilt and concentrate on one small sidelight that they can defend better. Should that defense be successful, then they apply the exoneration to the whole thing, without exception. In other words, if one small part is correct, then it is all correct.
    When the whole pile is made out of crap, what difference does it make whether the maggot within it is white or grey?


  • avengers

    below is the link to the reply the WT Dutch branch office gave me.
    My comments are below the letter

    My conclusion: The GB is a lying, deceiving, murderous and evil bunch of senile old men. They're like the Taliban and should be dealt with accordingly.!!No mercy for these assholes.

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