I Should Have Just Kept Avoiding Their Videos

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  • Crazyguy
    I thought there was originally a video where they admitted that 22 were killed by the storm surge and several were missing. The storm surge hitting the kingdom hall. I believe that smoking gun of a video is out there.
  • OnTheWayOut

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    flipper, I like your thought that "WT Society always pats itself on the back like nobody else on the planet cares." Thanks for that. Your reply here sounded similarly upset like I felt, especially when talking about the 13-year-old child.

    Blondie, thanks for all that. Just more for me to be upset at, but it does show how they encourage the thinking that you are safe in Jehovah's hands and Jehovah's hands are at the Kingdom Hall and wherever the corporation is. Miracles to save them at the Kingdom Hall do seem to be the expected.

    Splash, I have to fully agree with your question: "Even if some crazy person did throw out all their food in order to put books into a fridge, would you even feature that???"
    I think they want JW's to feel that this is the type of faith they want- unquestioning and always putting anything from WTS ahead of everything else, even food.

    Finkelstein, good point on these storms and things not being unique to the end times. I certainly thought about needing food in the days before help could arrive, but they made a "Jehovah Delivers" video. Couldn't Jehovah easily have delivered new books?

    Thanks for responding, Zoos. I didn't think it was directly related to this. But LOL anyway.

    Thanks Adjusted Knowledge. Yeah, maybe so. But I wish it weren't as Blondie demonstrates- Kingdom Halls are thought to have special miracle powers. Also, most reasonable elders would cancel the meeting the night before and tell everyone to prepare.

  • OnTheWayOut

    CrazyGuy, I re-watched the early part of their video and they did mention 22 being swept away when the KH walls gave out. So they did admit it, but moved on to more positive results so that even someone who doesn't like them remembers how people survived rather than focusing on the ones that Jehovah's protection failed.

    If there is a more damning video out there, I didn't find it.

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