I challenge Joelbear to a DUEL

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    See, right now, if you take any stinkin cult to court for destroying your mind with their totalism, all the big cults come out and band together in court action screaming "freedom of religion".
    The Scientologists'll be there for sure.Pumpin money into the fight.
    The forces of light and change and government promptly SHIT THEMSELVES when challenged on the basis of the First Ammendment.
    (That right?? first amendment?)
    We gotta change that.
    Freedom of religion, right now, means freedom to fuck people over in the NAME of freedom of religion.

    Yardickwad....buggerize off...people with thought processes are talkin here...
    We gotta push that direction..change it.
    My opinion.
    Gotta strike at ALL of them, not just be obsessed with Dubs.
    Gotta get the Mormons, and scientology and the dubs .
    Cause theres thousands of deeply fucked over ex scientologists too.
    Theyve been fucked over same way as dubs.
    L Ron Hubbard speaks...Gods talkin.

  • Seeker

    Joel, you are exaggerating and you know it. Nobody is making the assertions you stated, and if they are, they are wrong so why worry about them? I stand as someone who knows the WTS is wrong, can prove it at will, and also acknowledges much good among the JWs, both in their teachings and their person. Yet I am not being driven away from here, and neither are you. If someone is driving you away, let them drive themselves off a cliff while you just go on being you.

  • VeniceIT

    I would enjoy being part of the legal proceedings of above mentioned motion. I will work in any capacity such judge or court assistant!!!

    (I just love Law & Order)

    "Injustice will continue until those who are not affected by it are as outraged as those who are."

  • Mindchild

    Hi tyydyy. I didn't see your post when I replied to Joel. No, I'm not putting Joel on trial...the format was to get his attention, not much more than that. What I do want to put on trial is the ideas that Joel presented, and others have in the past, which are about how much respect does the Watchtower Society deserve.

    Joel expressed his concern about this issue last week when he got into arguements about mocking the Witnesses at their Kingdom Hall, as per the invasion of the fake gays thread. He was upset over the actions and I can see his point in being upset. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that our sympathy for the Borg is just part of the conditioning process we all experienced with them. Thus, I figure this was worthy of being put on trial. Joel just happened to be the person who was challenging these points in the past few days and I thought he might like to take that side and support his ideas.

    I normally don't even get into the debate thing. If I do, I play to win and I come on like a Mac truck doing a 120 mph. I don't take prisoners. I hope I expalined this carefully to Joel that it wasn't about him personally, but the concept he was championing. I hope you understand that too. Perhaps you would like to play the role?

    Kind Regards,


  • tyydyy

    I get the feeling that you are confused....

    this is not about you personally at all.
    Topic: I challenge Joelbear to a DUEL
  • Mindchild

    tyydyy...from my previous post to you

    No, I'm not putting Joel on trial...the format was to get his attention, not much more than that. What I do want to put on trial is the ideas that Joel presented, and others have in the past, which are about how much respect does the Watchtower Society deserve.
    Uh, maybe our posts crossed in time. Joel is okay in my book, as far as being a human and enjoying this board just like anyone else. I really only want to put these ideas on trial...not Joel.


  • tyydyy

    LOL, Ok Mindchild. I will take the challenge but I will not champion the WTS. I will play devils advocate for the large group of honest, hardworking, beautiful people that are still captives of this cult. I can easily do so since my family is still in the cult. I do not think my family is evil, either individually or as a whole.

    I will be happy to discuss this but not on this thread. Please start another thread that does not imply a flame war. I do have to leave the house for a few hrs so I won't be able to respond for a while.

    I do like the idea of this discussion. Let's get it on!

    What happens when a Mac truck hits a Concrete wall? :)


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I see now that I cant argue with the "mindchild",we agree too close.
    I think joelbaby confuses the rights of say, Ted Jaracz, person.
    With the rights of Ted Jaracz GB member.
    "Ted Jaracz GB" person has gotta be stopped, he cant do the things he does.Not allowed. Course thats gonna cause him some big emotional problems. Thats your vengeance right there. Ted is suffering.
    But "Ted individual" is an "Evil man"? (like Avenger posted the other day). I think not.
    The Watchtower STRUCTURE has gotta go...not the people. They just gotta change their opinions.

    Imagine if Charlie Russell hadnt been ALLOWED to indicate that what he was writing was divine revelation.

    There wouldnt BE a Watchtower to pull down...

  • Mindchild

    refiners fire...a few comments now to you

    As per Joel's threads, I don't think I really misrepresented them but if I did he should call me on it. I was just going by the way I read them.

    Ah, if I understand you correctly you feel that my view is like this?

    As for the minds position....You set up a position indicating the WT must be crushed, wiped out. This is a fantasy we all have. I dream about it sometimes. That Bethel is blasted to the ground and the GB are dead.But what is that except a dream of vengeance.
    Well actually NO, this is not my position. Please go back to the beginning of this thread and re-read what I said. In short, the Society disgusts me, and I define the "Society" as the emergent properties of individuals who tried to do the right thing once but failed miserably. I'm not really looking for vengence. I'm looking for a way to expose them so that people can see for themselves what they really are.

    As for the rest of your post, I have no disagreements with. You are right that other cults are out there and doing the same thing. There are many ex-Scientologists fighting their own private wars against their version of the Borg. Many cults are destructive but some are more benign. I just don't have any passionate grudge against these others but your point is well understood and appreciated.

    I'm really all not much about getting into big arguments either but I just thought this was an important issue about how much respect the Society deserves for themselves from us ex-dubs.


  • Xena

    lol thank you refiners for thinking I am a good ExJW..guess I am a liberal Ex just like I was a liberal JW..once a liberal always a liberal

    I would like to apologize for being so pissy though...I just hate to see Joel hurt anymore. He has been thru a lot and doesn't need the grief.

    There are a lot of really great openminded openhearted people on this board and I apologize if I implyed otherwise!

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