Pick up those Laundry Mat/Hospital Magazines and Mark them with SEE JWFACTS.COM!!!

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I have been having to use the laundry mat while our basement gets done. Yous mom told me to do that so every week I check to see if any magazines are there and there never are. I use the laundry mat just five blocks from the hall and I know the PO's wife always leaves the them at this laundry mat. So someone must be throwing them out.

    I am a little disappointed that I have not been able to do it but I am keeping a watch out for them now. I think it is a great idea and I so want to do it.

  • moshe

    I used to put my tracts inside those public magazines 20 years ago- They said, "they wanted to destroy my family" and " warning to all who love freedom and truth" ( cover had a picture of a man holding onto his jail bars). That always worked- the JW's pulled the laundromat/office off their route immediately. It still works today- now we just have to give them an internet website!

  • chickpea

    i ordered a little self inking folding stamp
    from <generic> office supply site

    cost maybe $7-8 incl shipping

    the message:

    i stamp it inside the front cover
    and on the back in the spaces
    for requesting a bible study....

  • GLTirebiter

    So someone must be throwing them out.

    Probably the owner or care-taker does that. They don't want customers getting the impression that the owners support a sect that many find offensive. So any literature left there without management approval goes directly to the garbage can. They would do the same with political tracts left there. It's a place of business, not a public forum, so the owner can dispose of any material left there, and remove those who leave it there from the premises.

  • Hopscotch

    When my mother in law (still a staunch JW) was in hospital recently we saw some Awake and Watchtower mags sitting in the waiting area. So that night when we came home I wrote the JWfacts website addresss on some little sticky notes (post-it notes) to put on the magazines the next time we visited. Unfortunately we never saw any more lying around in the three weeks we visited but I still carry the little notes just waiting for the opportunity to 'place' them.

    On a side note just this weekend we were talking to one of the real estate agents selling our home and found out he had studied with a congregation in our area for some time. (We had already told the other agent he works with that one of the reasons we are moving is to get away from all the JWs that shun us including my family). This guy was never babtized but is thinking of going back. We talked to him for a while about our 40+ years as JWs and suggested that when he goes home he spends some time looking at the JWfacts website. He said he would.


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