One day assembly

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  • antes8080

    many hear have partisipated in assembly and the C.O gos over all experiences.

    so the c.o probably told the participants to add more then it was.

    but i think they whant people to be poor that way you can look forward to play with the pandas

  • Viviane
    It's all a lie. There is no glut of Witnesses turning down six figure salaries to pioneer.
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Some people have to feel good about themselves for turning down a 6 figure salary, but that's just plain silly. I know plenty of brothers and sisters who have two jobs and miss meetings and service because they can't hold the fort down. That's okay, but missing a meeting once in a while if you make 6 figures isn't.

    It's kind of silly if you think about it. And most people just ignore this kind of talk that doesn't apply to 99.9 percent of the witnesses anyway.

  • Miss_Nk

    This reminds me of my parents (in Nigeria). My dad and my mum dated for a while and my mum said she wouldn't get married if he didn't go to university as she was studying to become a nurse and a midwife in the. His dad was an elder and the P.O at the time and it was a fight but my dad ended up going and got an engineering degree and has done well. These days the elders go to him to finance certain projects at the hall, most brothers go to him for loans they have no plan of ever paying for and we've got a flat that used to be for visiting overseers (till my mum got tired of always hosting them).

    About 5 years ago, He was stepped down as an elder because he sent I and my sister to England to go to university. Last year, the elders met up with him to ask if he wanted to take up the post again and he refused. His cousin on the other hand, didn't go to school and worked hard towards being a Circuit overseer but he wasn't appointed as one after many years and is very bitter and broke. sigh

  • ToesUp
    That's the thing that really pisses us off. The GB, circuit overseers, need greaters, bethelites and some of the Elders will condemn you for going to College or sending your kids to college but they don't have any problem borrowing/taking money from you. In fact they will gladly take it, all the while talking behind your back that you went to college. How can they take/borrow all that filthy "college money"? HYPOCRITES!!!!
  • fastJehu
    It's all a lie. There is no glut of Witnesses turning down six figure salaries to pioneer.

    In my last cong was an elder, who lost his job. Next convention he was interviewed and he told the audience, that es has simplified his life. *hypocrite*

    In my opinion "witnesses turning down six figure salaries" means --> they lost there good job.

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