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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    At a recent one day assembly I walked away with the thought that the WTBTS sure does not like Witnesses who have the opportunity to make a good living. There were, in one day, three experiences of Witnesses who turned down "6 figure salaries" because there would be some traveling involved and some meetings would be missed as well as missing Family Worship Night. I thought it strange that the exact phrase was used of "6 figure salary". I guess the end is so close that they don't have to worry about their retirement and who needs the extra money anyway.

    It was also announced in the afternoon that there is a $11,000 deficit for the day at the assembly hall and that they were sure that with every ones help that this would be taken care of. Keep them poor and keep asking for more. For the first time my wife asked me how the expenses could be so much for one day? The WTBTS has got a real racket going on. Now there are two different circuits that meet on Saturday and Sunday and they charge $12,000 for each day. I remember not that long ago that it was $8,000 for two days.

    Sour Grapes

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Does the Watchtower own the building?
  • geevee
    Yet, they need the "6 Figure" salaried people to appease their consciences by dropping big time into the box!
  • freemindfade
    I have been totally bad mouthed by my family for having a successful life Of sorts. Even though that has nothing to do with my fading. They use any success I've had to say how horrible I am. Even though it doesn't make me miss meetings etc. Redundant bullshit makes me miss meetings.
  • dubstepped

    Oh man, this is a sore spot for me. At the international convention one of the GB (I believe, may be wrong) gave a talk where he related an experience of some brother that cut his income to less than half but somehow now made more money because he didn't have to pay so many taxes. I really doubt the guy was paying 50% income tax. They seem to have no concept of money. I grew up poor in the organization, and although we didn't have enough food at times without gifts from others or government assistance and of course we weren't getting new toys or anything, we certainly had time to go out and pioneer with our parents as young kids.

    At an assembly locally a family was up on stage as a shining example of how to live on the government and pioneer, and it made me sick. I hustle in my cleaning business and break my back because I was turned away from full ride scholarships and several unique business opportunities because I knew that the world was going to end and the right thing to do was to pioneer. I walked away from opportunities that could have actually given me a better chance at earning a living part-time to promote kingdom interests while not eating dog food to survive and that was looked at as bad. I wonder how many dubs have anything saved for retirement. I know so many that live off of government assistance, which was meant for those that couldn't do better for themselves, not for those who chose not to. I make decent money, but only because I work harder, not smarter.

  • WTWizard

    Obviously, someone knows what is about to happen to our dollar. While they order the regular members to not use astrology, the jokehovian leaders use it all the time. They know that Neptune is reaching 9 degrees of Pisces in short order, and when it does, all bedlam is going to break loose in the financial markets. The dollar will abruptly become toilet paper, and people are going to need to prepare if they are to have any shot of surviving it. Reasonable amounts of food, the equipment needed to survive regular rolling blackouts, and quality items such as clothing are essential, as is having a decent amount of silver (or gold) to make it until they can re-establish a new currency (whether the Amero or your microchips, or just using gold or silver itself).

    By stripping everyone of whatever wealth they have, the leaders are ensuring the jokehovians are going to have an impossible time. Whatever funds they could have used to purchase the Fenix LD22 flashlight instead end up in the Worldwide Damnation Fund (and yes, I still have mine I got in 2012, plus all the rechargeable batteries and chargers I got for the 2013 blackout). They could have bought LED light bulbs that would cost more now, but use less electricity when it becomes scarce. They could have bought quality small appliances and cookware instead of having to replace it when the dollar is toilet paper. They could have invested even a small amount into silver--when I checked one suit dry cleaning's worth, I got one silver Kennedy (1964) half dollar and one silver quarter with that money. But no, they have to have everything.

    I would be willing to bet that, once the collapse happens, your congregations are going to be insisting that everyone needs to donate silver and gold. Whatever wealth they now have will become toilet paper, and they will need the silver and gold they ordered you to NOT invest in (by direct order or by ordering you to surrender your wealth, it matters not). They are also going to be gathering up everyone's food and supplies. You have a battery charger, it is communal property. You have some NiMH batteries, they belong to the congregation to be used as the hounders dictate, not as you see fit. You have a flashlight, that too is congregation property. Then, when the lights go out at the big boasting session, or when you are in field circus and the one squiggly thing blows and leaves you in the dark, you don't have that flashlight.

    Additionally, how hard is it now to gain back those opportunities. People that lost the chance for a 6-figure income (not that much these days--do they think we are living in 1890?) are going to be destitute even without the dollar collapse. That 6-figure income could have allowed them to do more--including working part time or taking a month off now and then to pious-sneer (or to donate more, if they are so foolish that they really want damnation for the whole world). And how do they think people can afford to do a 2-week mission in Israel if they are destitute? The trip itself costs a monster box of silver's worth, and if those "expensive books" are compared to college textbooks, that could be another grand bag of 80- or 90% silver coins in double donations. Where do they expect people to come up with the money? And debt is not sustainable--once you are in debt, you are paying interest on it forever.

    Hopefully, the dollar becoming toilet paper will put this religion in its place.

  • zeb
    I recall vividly the story/experience of a young sister who gave it all up etc... She stated she was offered some huge salary increase etc but this was at a time when the govt department she was in had fixed salaries and the only way to get any increase was by promotion largely gained through years of service and higher qualifications to go with that. In short she lied as did those who put her only the platform who would have known the reality.
  • hoser
    IMO most of the counsel from the platform about high income earners stems from jealousy
  • JakeM2012
    100k is not worth as much as it was in the 1980's or 1990's and is a lot harder to earn.
  • DesirousOfChange

    In the US, only 10% of wage earners make $100,000 or more. Only 20% of households earn $100,000 or more (this could include 2 income households).

    "Median" household income (2014) in the US was $52,000.


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