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  • steve2

    The 144,000 is only ever mentioned in Revelation - and then twice only. It is not mentioned anywhere else in any other book that comprises the Bible. Revelation was authored by a man experiencing some of the most mind-boggling visions ever recorded, replete with vivid symbolism and imagery. And they base their doctrine of a literal number 144,000 on that?!

    Sheesh, I should have seen the lunacy in that doctrine alone before age 10.

  • prologos
    The interesting things about numbered items is, of course that they are an abstract that can literally be subdivided down to planck length. . The 144 000 themselves come out of the 12 selected tribes (with two rejects), so the total of Israel is much greater. The 12^2x10^3 are thought to be part of the structure of New Jerusalem too, into which the 'many' named Israelites, ethnics really (for the healing of the nations) enter, through the 12 gates build on 12 apostel foundation stones. Sealed since the pentecost. All in the same book as the talking snake, and just as believable, hence significant.
  • stuckinarut2

    Yep...a point that boggles all our minds!

    Some stuff is literal, some is symbolic...yet we are not to question any of it?

    How did we ever swallow this stuff??!!??

  • steve2

    Literal or symbolic - it's no quiz

    GB tells you which it is.

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